Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting too big

Just one example of how my little boy isn't so little any more. He has grown gigantic feet overnight! Look at those clown feet! (Okay, so they are really my shoes but he certainly was funny trekking around the house wearing them.)

However, this weekend the Merrill family took a big step toward getting big. We transferred Garrett from a crib to a day bed (courtesy of a convertible crib). My jumper was getting so much height that I was concerned that he was going to flip up and over the rail and bonk his noggin good.
Here's a pic of Garrett's big boy bed, complete with Diego (goes with decorations we have from Guatemala and Dora will "match" when Elena is ready for her big girl bed).

Once the bed was set up Sunday night Garrett discovered a new jumping game -- leaping from his bed to the rocking chair. I guess we traded one risky behavior for another.

Mom, what do you mean I'm not ready for a big girl bed? You bought all the stuff already. I think what you mean is that you aren't ready for me to have a big girl bed.

Shh, I'm sleeping on my pi-ow.

I'm not sure if Garrett is more excited about his big boy bed, or the fact that he now has his own pillow (pi-ow). The pillow has been going everywhere in the house with him.

So, Sunday night I stayed with Garrett until he fell asleep in his big boy bed. Looking back, I'm not sure how good of a plan that was since it took him an hour to fall asleep. However, I didn't want him to be scared in his bed and then we'd have to go back to the crib. There was only one wake-up during the night and I quickly was able to get him back to sleep.

Yesterday was the first nap time in his new less confined bed, and needless to say Garrett enjoyed the freedom. After to listening to Garrett run around the room laughing hysterically for several minutes I went back into the bedroom (something I try not to do during naps). Garrett quickly hopped back into his bed, put his head down and started to "snore." Yeah, it was hard to not laugh at that -- in fact, Elena did start to laugh at him. I told them both to lie down and I told Garrett he was "not allowed off the bed until after nap time when Mommy comes to get you." Out in the living room I heard the two little voices over the monitor again after a few minutes. However, when I opened the door to the bedroom I discovered Garrett had listened to Mommy and was sitting on the bed talking across the room to Elena. Again they were told to go to sleep. This time Garrett listened and actually took an almost two hour nap.

Now when Garrett goes to bed he says "Dear God" to remind us to say prayers. He loves the cross hanging over his bed (yes, Becky, Chris and I finally hung his christening gift and Elena's is over her bed too). Last night he stayed in his bed until I came in to get him this morning, sitting on his bed talking quietly calling me and trying to wake up Elena. I guess the bed experiment worked. Of course, he wants no part of sitting on the potty like a big boy even though he was super excited to buy his big boy undies. Any of you in bloggerland have potty training tips, I will gladly take them.

One more big boy story to close this post: This morning I was reading Christmas books to the kids. Yes, I love Christmas and we have already decorated for the season, just without a tree yet (too busy getting Christmas shopping done this weekend to buy that too). Any how, one of the books is about why we celebrate Christmas. The story ends by saying that we give gifts to show that we love each other the way that God loves us and to say "Happy birthday, Baby Jesus!" Well, Garrett really liked that last part. He has been shouting "Happy birthday!" (okay his attempt at the word at least), or "Happy Birthday Baby!", or "Baby Jees, Happy Birthday! I love you!" Too sweet! Too cute!

Like I said, my little boy has disappeared and been replaced (for the most part) by a very big boy. Can a mother's heart take this? At least I don't have to hand over the car keys yet Chris keeps reminding me.:)

Here's some video of Garrett and Elena enjoying the new bed:

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy monkey girl

When we first moved in, Elena was fascinated by the freezer on the bottom. She'd really get into playing with the door. Unfortunately, this is the best video we got. Then we added a fridge lock and the fun just hasn't been the same.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Random photos -- hanging around the house

These photos didn't get posted when we first moved in, so I thought today was a good day for them. We didn't have our furniture yet, but that didn't stop the kids from enjoying their snack (raisins). Sometimes I wonder if I'm raising children, monkeys, or puppy dogs.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day out with Thomas 2007

*I uploaded these pics Sunday night and thought that I posted them. Guess I just saved them. Oh well. Here, at last, are photo of our day with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Garrett with his buddy, Jack, in the Imagination Station, busy coloring.

The arteest at work.

Posing with Lego Thomas. (We didn't stand in the forever long line to get our photo with the real Thomas)

Hey, Jack. What're you doing?

Hmmm, so many trains, so much track. What do I destroy next? (She literally was playing the part of Godzilla to all the trains)

Excuse me, Mom. Playing with trains is serious work.

Going in for some love

Gotcha Jack!

Riding the rails with Thomas. Garrett was very, very serious the whole time.

Until we tried to get a group photo of the kids. Then he just burst into tears. From left to right, Jack, Garrett, Elena, and Ben (Jack's friend)


Bob the Builder was there to help build Thomas a shed for his stay. The kids were fascinated by LEGO Bob.

And there is my daughter, picking Bob's nose. What is so intriguing about nostrils to a one year old?

Doing some serious work on Dizzy, the steam roller. Does anyone else see a future working with heavy machinery for my girl?


Checking out Scoop

Getting his first tat

Look, it's Emily!!!!

We had such a great time with Thomas -- we can't wait to go back next year!

Out and About

Amazingly enough, we are actually getting out and about in San Diego. We've been here just about a month and we have already been sightseeing more than we did when we were here for 4 months 7 years ago, and definitely much, much more than during our seven years in NC.

Here are some photos of our day trip to SeaWorld. It was a little overcast and there was NO ONE at the park -- it was like we had our own private showing of the exhibits. Plus, people may have been deterred from attending since the fires weren't that long ago (we went the 27th). Needless to say, the kids had a blast and Garrett tore around the place like a little man on fire. I look forward to getting a season's pass so that we can have more fun together there and get to see all the shows. Christmas should be amazing there!

Getting checked out by a friendly dolphin
Hello Shamu!

DenDins! (Penguins is my kids' speak)

Reaching out and touching a beluga whale

You might notice there aren't any photos of Garrett from the day. It's not that I didn't try. The little man was just so excited that he never stopped moving. The best I could get was some video. *** Dropshots isn't working with me this morning. I'll edit the post with video later.****

We've also been to the zoo, but have no pictures to show for it (I had forgotten to download the pics from the camera). We'll get some next time -- we're members now, so I am sure that there will be frequent outings there and to the Wild Animal Park in the next year.

As for today, we are off to spend the day with Thomas the Tank Engine. He's in Perris at the Orange Empire Train Museum. Garrett is very excited. So excited, in fact, that he barely slept last night. Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dia de los Difuntos

Dia de los Difuntos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated in Guatemala on November 1st. Still being somewhat ignorant of Guatemalan traditions and culture, we didn't celebrate this year. Thankfully there is a street festival for the holiday in Oceanside that we can visit, though the focus is more on Mexican observances of the holiday than Guatemalan, but it is a start. I don't think I'll ever make fiambre, a traditional dish for the holiday, I definately think that planting marigolds and flying kites can be part of our family tradition for the holiday.

Below is a YouTube video of a Dia de los Difuntos celebration this year in Guatemala. The kites, both their size and beauty, is absolutely amazing. Enjoy!