Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Courtesy of SUPER MERRILLS

So, I'm learning that it isn't really Halloween unless you make a last minute run to the store for a new costume. For our family, it was a necessity for the boys as I had bought much to large costumes earlier and for the girls, well, if the boys were getting new costumes than they needed them too :) Of course, that meant that I had a family full of super heroes. Here are some pics of our fun evening:

Iron Man and Wonder Woman
(G actually agreed to wear a costume this year and enjoyed it with lots of fun, leading the way much of the night! Major accomplishment in our house!!!)

Maximus Prime, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and Spider Girl

My strong girls

Powerful Heroes

Spider Girls -- Partners in crime ... I mean, crime fighting ;)

Beautiful Girl up a Tree

Crazy Boy up a Tree

Iron Man falling off a Tree

Ninja neighbor

We're not doing nothing -- sitting in front of the candy bowl :)

L flying high with Daddy home

Beautiful Girl, no longer baby girl neighbor

New neighbors, same fun in the 'hood!

Leading the way getting the treats -- NO FEAR! Love it!!!

Might have been E's first Halloween, but I think he quickly got the hang of getting free treats

One cute chick

There are still some men in our 'hood -- like this one "supervising", helping with glow sticks, and still enjoying life :)

Happy times with friends

Not so sure about this house

Just a little scary

Miss Kim saving the day and ringing the bell

Time to head home after a fun night

One last thought -- E and L both were content and ready to head home after about 5 houses. They couldn't believe the amount of loot they got for saying "trick or treat!" Yet, the rest of the rascals wanted more and more treats. Think the lesson Mommy learned is to find more ways to help little people be thankful for what they do have versus always wanting "MORE". Things kiddos teach big peoples :)