Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Two Years Ago ...

One Year Ago ...

This Year ...
Elena was just so thrilled to be having her picture taken

The best photo I could get of the two of them all day -- but they sure love their pandas the Easter Bunny brought them

Learning about Peeps -- and none to sure

Nathan was so thrilled about his Peep he couldn't even sit up to show his excitement.

Egg hunting -- definitely more for the parents than the kids. Elena really got into it, but the boys mostly wanted to play with the toys in the backyard. Guess it goes back to the gatherer instinct for my girl, she loved the search.

Once Garrett found there was chocolate (or money!) in the eggs, then he was slightly more interested. Of course, by then Elena had pretty much picked the yard clean.

Chillin' with Felix after the hunt

Checking out her new ride (courtesy of some wonderful neighbors whose daughter had outgrown it). Let's just say playing in the backyard is much more fun now that there are TWO cars -- until we add a third child to the mix.

Uncle Rice reading ad nauseum to Elena. I think she would have kept him right there all day if she'd had her say.

All in all it was an enjoyable day. Unfortunately it was our third Easter as a family with children and the third Easter in a row that Chris has missed. Darn Marine Corps!

Ben, Meghan, and Nathan spent the afternoon with us. The temp was in the mid-80s and we enjoyed the yard and the kids playing outside. Dinner was roast lamb with raspberry marinade, couscous, and roasted asparagus. We were also supposed to have carrot cake for dessert, but I let my sugar supply run too low. Bummer, but the rest of the meal was delish!

Still the best part of the day for me was at the end, right before bed. The kids curled up on my lap in Elena's rocking chair and we read the Easter story from the Bible. Elena conked out in my arms and Garrett drifted off to sleep peacefully. My angels on earth, home and in my hearts forever.

When there is silence ...

... my two are usually up to something.

A little bit of background:
When we were in Atlanta for Guatoberfest the kids discovered CornPops. The hotel didn't always have Cheerios, and I figured that CornPops were a comparable cereal.

Fast forward to March. Garrett decides one weekend that he must have CornPops, and must have them RIGHT NOW! So Mommy and Daddy, though scratching their heads wondering how this came about since it's been over four months since they've even seen Pops, buy the cereal. Now my two are always breaking into the pantry to eat their Pops.
I guess the ads were right -- my kids just gotta have their Pops!