Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Night of "Summer"

After Elena's birthday party and sleepover the crew has been chomping at the bit to have another sleepover party. Specifically, to have K and H sleepover. So, I promised them that the last day of school they could have their first sleepover of the summer.

The kids had fun with dinner at Chick Fil A and playing outside. Once we went in for the night I got them set up in their "special" sleeping spot on the air mattress and pull out couch. We watched "Surf's Up" and laughed at penguins hanging ten. I thought for sure that the six of them would sack out during the movie, but no go. All were awake until 9:30-10, with K and El my last hold outs.

However, by 10:15 this was the situation in the house:

Lydia had to sleep in her own bed, but the rest slept soundly in the living room for the night.

I think everyone had a good time. I know that my kids are excited for a repeat. H, however, thinks our house is "too crowded" and prefers to sleep in his own bed :) Pretty cute all around the compound!

Mommy's first try at Friday Hair Day

The first, and last, time that I had the girls' hair done it cost me an arm and a leg. Literally. So wanting to save some money, but also wanting to save some time (and my sanity) on getting the girls ready every day, I decided to try my hand at doing their hair myself.

After researching the internet on different options (specifically and the adoption hair and skincare group on Yahoo!) we got down to it. I gathered the elastics, combs, and creams, and sat the the kids down in front of a movie. It wasn't all fun. There were tears, and not just mine. But I'm pretty happy with the finished product for our first go:

I think the girls' faces show what they think of their new 'dos. Now what to do with their hair next Friday ...

Ghana v USA football

Yesterday was the first game in the knockout stage of the World Cup and the USA faced off against Ghana Black Stars. Our house was divided with my Ghanaian angels rooting for "their" team, Elena fiercely loyal to the red, white, and blue, Garrett indifferent, and I was torn yet wearing Essien's Black Stars jersey.

Here is a photo journal of our day:

"Gooo Ghanaaaahhh!" cheers Eddie at the start of the game.

Elena: "I don't think that's very funny, Eddie."

Pregame hug while the captains shake hands.

Garrett: "Hey, let me get in on that hug!"

"Laina, quick. I'll hold him. You keep him from cheering."



And three silly nuggets prepare to watch the game from a new viewpoint.

Wonder what they'll do for the quarterfinal game versus Uraguay? Stay tuned to find out!