Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Night of "Summer"

After Elena's birthday party and sleepover the crew has been chomping at the bit to have another sleepover party. Specifically, to have K and H sleepover. So, I promised them that the last day of school they could have their first sleepover of the summer.

The kids had fun with dinner at Chick Fil A and playing outside. Once we went in for the night I got them set up in their "special" sleeping spot on the air mattress and pull out couch. We watched "Surf's Up" and laughed at penguins hanging ten. I thought for sure that the six of them would sack out during the movie, but no go. All were awake until 9:30-10, with K and El my last hold outs.

However, by 10:15 this was the situation in the house:

Lydia had to sleep in her own bed, but the rest slept soundly in the living room for the night.

I think everyone had a good time. I know that my kids are excited for a repeat. H, however, thinks our house is "too crowded" and prefers to sleep in his own bed :) Pretty cute all around the compound!

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eralon said...

Did the kids watch Ghana beat the US in the World Cup?