Sunday, January 06, 2008

Big, no HUGE happenings at the Merrill house

So, after weeks of Elena and Garrett showing no interest in going on the potty tonight we had a breakthrough!

Elena sat on the potty for a while with no success. Of course, once she was in the tub she immediately added her own water. Then after her bath she sat on the potty again because she peed in Garrett's bed. Again no success, but she was very proud of herself sitting on the big potty. Then as she headed back to the bathroom after getting dressed in her jammies, Chris noticed that she was bearing down. He quick grabbed her up and put her back on the potty. She sat and grunted for a while, then SUCCESS! ELENA POOPED ON THE POTTY!!!!! Whoo hooo! Needless to say, she was very proud of herself, and all too happy to receive her congratulatory choco, sticker and prize (a plastic pony from a farm animal set that the kids didn't open on Christmas, reserved for just such an occasion). The smile on her face was just too big and too bright! She kept talking about her pony and choco and sticker and going on the potty. Too cute!

Not to be outdone by his sister, Garrett also had to contribute tonight. Before when Elena has gotten choco for peeing on the potty he has refused to even sit on the potty, though he is adamant that he wants choco too. Well, tonight Chris and I thought that we were facing more of the same and we were all set to not force the issue. Garrett, however, had a completely different plan and absolutely refused to go into his bedroom shouting, "Potty!" Of course, we complied with his wishes, and the little man actually sat on the potty, didn't have to have Mommy or Daddy hold him on, and was very proud of himself. Mommy and Daddy, likewise, were proud of him, so he got one choco raisin for his progress and a sticker to add to the chart. Well, that about did it for him. After finishing, with no real potty results, on the big potty, he kept sitting on the little potty and telling us he was going to go pee-pee on the potty. Then he had to wash his hands and repeat the whole routine all over again.

Dare I believe that my son might finally be willing to use the potty and be done with diapers? Dare I dream that I may soon be done washing diapers every day? Could the end be in sight? I'll keep y'all posted, and for the rest of you out there potty training, how are you making progress???