Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ghana v USA football

Yesterday was the first game in the knockout stage of the World Cup and the USA faced off against Ghana Black Stars. Our house was divided with my Ghanaian angels rooting for "their" team, Elena fiercely loyal to the red, white, and blue, Garrett indifferent, and I was torn yet wearing Essien's Black Stars jersey.

Here is a photo journal of our day:

"Gooo Ghanaaaahhh!" cheers Eddie at the start of the game.

Elena: "I don't think that's very funny, Eddie."

Pregame hug while the captains shake hands.

Garrett: "Hey, let me get in on that hug!"

"Laina, quick. I'll hold him. You keep him from cheering."



And three silly nuggets prepare to watch the game from a new viewpoint.

Wonder what they'll do for the quarterfinal game versus Uraguay? Stay tuned to find out!

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