Saturday, April 17, 2010


Eddie washing his hair in snow -- the boy talked about nothing else once he learned about snow in Ghana. Crazy kid!

Eddie and Lydia during our day of fun at Labadi Pleasure Beach in Accra. Here the kids are building their first sand castles.

At Labadi we learned that people do all kinds of things at the beach -- mend fishing nets, wash their goats (yes, I also have that on video), and ride horseback near the surf. Here is Eddie enjoying his first ride on a horse (Lydia and I went riding after)

Two of my favorite kiddos getting their groove on during the Boxing Day Children's Fete:


TAA said...

Those are wonderful videos.
I had a great time watching.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Nina said...

Is this Accra in Ghana? Duh? that might be a silly question. I am curious, if you plan on keeping them connected to their place of birth? These are some very lucky bambinos and bambinas. It is warming to my heart just to watch. I really like how cute they sounded when they said "I love the beach.!" Yeah, it is nature's playground, huh? What is better than a beach?