Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mountain Misadventures

After a week of staying close to the house because of Garrett's pneumonia, we all decided it was time to get out and about. Our choices were the beach, the mountains, or the desert. Papa wanted to see something "different" so we headed east since we go to the beach regularly. The kids and YaYa weren't excited about a three hour trip to the desert, so we drove up the "roller coaster" of Mount Palomar and enjoyed some views. Unfortunately, there was some haze so we couldn't see all the way to the ocean, but PaPa and YaYa were still impressed with the scenery. The kids had fun tromping around the rocks and woods. All in all, it was a grand adventure for the day!

PaPa and Miss Sassy

My best attempt at taking a pic of all 4 ruffians

Explorers on duty! (Notice the footware my Ghanaian angel decided to wear hiking!)

G Man with a really big stick

Hiking beauty

I'm so cool, I've got to wear shades :)

Nothing but grins and giggles from this one

Bouncing off the trees

I'll do whatever my brother does!

The girls making "fufu" -- and I love the ensemble my youngest chose for our adventure! Let's just say E decided to listen to Mommy next time she suggests sneakers, while L said she didn't like her flip flops for hiking but still won't listen to Mommy next time.

1 comment: said...

Are flip flops so lucky choice for active stone-climbing?)) I guess you would better insist on sneakers))