Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Family Frolicking Fun

So, 1 month into the deployment and I'm finally catching up on blog posting of our family adventures before Chris left. President's Day weekend we headed to the beach to enjoy time with each other and introduce Eddie and Lydia to the Pacific Ocean. Good times were had by all, including introducing E and L to the joys of kite flying.

The loves of my life!

Learning to throw a frisbee

While her face might not show it, L thought kite flying was lots of fun!

This one's joy is obvious

No fear of the water

Sisters splashing

Crazy hair

Boys racing and laughing

"Stop taking my picture, Mom!"

"You can't catch me!"

Jumping for joy

Wipe out!

Last moments with Daddy

Still trying to figure out the kite flying -- "how does that stay up there???"

Giggle girl

True love


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Such hilarious days of racing and laughing! The loves of your life is my loves as well! You curly kids are able to bring a wagon of happiness!