Saturday, April 10, 2010

G and E introduce E and L to the SD Zoo

Not even a week after Eddie and Lydia arrived in the States we attempted our first family outing to the zoo. Eddie and Lydia had seen many animals in the wild, but never so many and so close without being in danger. The kids' joy was so wonderful to share! A great family memory to treasure!

My four crazies!

Off on our adventure with Auntie Meghan and Nathan

Amazed to be so close -- and those eyes just slay me!

Meeting Clyde

Watching the gorillas -- happiest in the safety of Daddy's lap

Mommy and her girls

I think Daddy's in trouble with these two :)

Not so sure about all that he sees

My handsome fellas!

G could stare at the "tar pit" for hours if I and the rest of the family let him

Exploring a statue of an American lion through hands-on interaction

A lion, a lion!!!

The cause of the excitement

Needless to say, I believe our zoo membership is well worth its cost -- we've already been back 6 times and summer break hasn't even begun!


Traineeship said...

What a fun! The zoo is a great place to take your kids and learn something at the same never sacrificing fun and enjoyment.

Nina said...

uMMM, What a strange comment about Gucci. hahah. Your children are gorgeous! I would say they are going to be heart breakers, but I think they are too loved to break any hearts. I bet they will be very special lights in the lives of many. I'm in love with this page!