Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spending Time with New Friends at the Zoo

Well, we've only lived in SD for 6+ months now so we've decided it's time to start making some friends in the neighborhood. There is a weekly happy hour on Friday nights for everyone to get together, imbibe, and share some pot luck and we actually went this week (Thursday night since Friday was the 4th). There we got to know some neighbors better that moved in earlier this year and some that moved in a couple of weeks ago. Two neighbors shanghi-ed me into working out early mornings this weekend while Chris was stil around to watch the kids for me and my body thanks them for it. A group of us also planned an outing to the SD Zoo so that we didn't have to take our tikes by ourselves.

Here are some photos of our adventure yesterday:

Lucas, 2 1/2, checking out the monkeys
Jordan, 5, Lucas's sister, keeping her eyes on the monkeys

Sydney, 4, pointing out the wallabies

Lucas and Jordan checking out the wallabies

Garrett found Pumba -- or at least a distant relative

The SLR gang

(from left to right: Lauren, 4 as of today (or LoLa as my two call her adoringly), Meghan, 16 mos,
Jordan, Sydney, Elena, and Lucas)

The girls with big smiles for the cameras -- Sydney and Elena are working to make their dimples bigger

Silly faces, take 1

Silly faces, take 2 -- Garrett decided he could finally be in a group shot if it was going to be silly

Here's to a great day at the zoo!

Thanks Stacy, Karna, and Betsy for a grand and wonderful day! When are y'all up for an excursion to the Wild Animal Park???


Kim & Dave said...

looks like fun was had by all!!!

Kelly said...

YEAAAA new friends are always great! Looks like a wonderful day!

Kris and Mindy said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys are having a GREAT summer. Trips to the zoo are ALWAYS fun:-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Elena's dimples are adorable. I got your phone message but don't have your # (I lost my cell)...can you email it or call again sometime. I'd love to hear how ya are!!!

Put up another update!!!! :)