Sunday, March 01, 2009

Perfect Day

Today started out a little rough. Chris had a paper due yesterday and was up til all hours trying to get it finished before collapsing a little after 1. We old folks just can't hack staying up that late, and he really couldn't wake up this morning. So, I started the day wondering if our renewed commitment to return to church was going to be interrupted after only 1 week. Thankfully our church has a third service at 10:45, so once Chris was up at 9 we got ready (after waiting for my Morning Glory muffins -- yum-oh! -- to finish baking) and headed out the door. 

God must have meant for us to be late, because the service was AMAZING! I have never experienced "High Church" a la incense, chanting, and all at an Episcopal church and it was incredible. The Bishop was in town to confirm many members of the church and gave a powerful sermon about how we are all tempted like Jesus during the season of Lent. Definitely what I had been feeling lately, but unable to put into words. We even brought the kids out of the nursery for communion and had them receive a blessing from the Bishop. Garrett was quite awed by the whole feel of the church, but I think he was more concerned that I ate "blood" and "body" during the process. Going to have to think more on how I explain this rite to the kids!

After church Chris and I loaded the kids back up into the truck and headed to the beach (three blocks away) to enjoy our muffins. The plan was to eat, hang for a short while, and then head home for naps. However, since we had a short, short trip to the beach yesterday, and the 1st of March brought us such nice weather (upper 70s and beautiful skies) we decided to stay and enjoy the day together. Next week I definitely need to pack a change of clothes! 

Below are some photos of our fun time together, complete with our church clothes! Think our two little ones were happy to be back at the beach???

Sandy hands

Running away from noisy waves

"I think I'm ready to take on the waves to fill my bucket!"

"Ummm, maybe not!"

Daddy to the rescue!

Enough of my dress, Mom! I need my serious beach gear!

Bathing beauty



Tina said...

They are so stinkin cute! And I am so jealous that you live that close to the beach.

Stephanie Malone said...

They are getting sooooo big and Elena is beautiful...I may just have to come visit so I can squeeze those cheeks:)