Saturday, December 23, 2006

1st meetings

Well, all I can say is that Angie is an absolute baby DOLL! Literally, I thought I was going to break her just changing her clothes because she is so dainty. She only weighs 16 lbs. Needless to say, all our 6-9 month clothes should still fit when she comes home.

Garrett took to his little sister like a champ! We haven't been able to catch him in the act with the camera, yet, but he has been kissing her, and giving her head butts (his other form of affection), and handing her toys. Of course, those aren't the toys that he wants to play with, and any toy that she is holding is suddenly the world's greatest toy -- unless he has given it to her.

They are definately related. Their eyes are almost identical. In fact, when we entered the hotel I knew immediately that Angie was waiting for us in the lobby just by those big eyes staring out at me from under her hat. However, they also share several key personality traits. Angie has the perpetual tongue stick-out, which is a classic Garrett trait. Last night when she would not give in to sleep for anything she started to smack her head with the side of her left fist, another classic Garrett move. I can't wait to see what else they share as they get older.

Thankfully today is going smoother with Angie than yesterday afternoon did. At first she wasn't quite sure what to make of us. She fussed and fussed. Of course, she had a terrible diaper rash and her second tooth popped through, on top of leaving her foster mother and meeting us strange folks. It tore my heart out to hear her in the crib crying last night, calling out "Mama, mama, mama, uhhh, mama". I just went to her, knowing that she wasn't calling for me, and we spent some time in the baby lounge until she settled down. That was good bonding time, and today she has been much more snuggly with me. Of course, Angie has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Chris says that she switches which finger she has him wrapped around. Definately Daddy's little girl.

Well, I need to sign off for now. The baby lounge is full of families sharing stories and I have hoarded the internet for long enough.

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Anonymous said...

So awesome to hear about all the traits Elena and Garrett share!