Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Week = More Photos

Because who can resest two deliciously juicy Guatetots? They love their popsicles (frozen Juicy Juice on a stick -- what could be better?)

Look, Mom -- an ant pile! I can stick my finger in it!

What a pathetic face. Guess I just caught the right moment when he was trying to explain something to me.

I'm just too cute for words!

Last Wednesday we took the kids to the Yacht Club again -- dinner this time, Greek Night. Garrett was awed by the boats. "BOAAATT Momma!" He couldn't wait to get down on the docks for a closer look, hence the life vest. However, he wasn't quite sure about the water moving under the dock once we were down there, and he wasn't very impressed when I showed him the exact spot where Mommy and Daddy met. It was a nice trip down memory lane for me -- Has it really been 11 years since that fateful weekend? Oh, check out the boat shoes. "My boat shoe" I am informed.

Elena, on the other hand, was quite taken with the river. She had such a great time in the pool the day before she thought she'd dive right in. Guess I can't threaten her with being thrown in the river if she misbehaves. Better keep an eye on her!

The kids love playing outside. Who needs a sand box when there is this great driveway?

My folks already gave Garrett his birthday present -- a sit and scoot Thomas the Train that makes real choo choo sounds and plays the theme song! What a delight for my little man!

Of course, since Garrett has a riding toy, Elena needed one too so there aren't any power struggles. I found this Mickey Mouse bus at Toys R Us for $20! It makes all kinds of sounds and it has a phone! What could be better?

Sissy, let me give you a ride!

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Garrett loves to pull books from the library book bag, climb into Pappa's chair, and read. A boy after his YaYa and Momma's heart! Here he is reading "My Grandmother, Mi Abuelita". What a little man!

This week Momma also started adult gymnastics classes. I can't believe how out of shape I am! It's been over 12 years since I was in a real gym (as in not a cheerleading gym) and the coach had me on the balance beam! The bane of my existence all the years I was on team. Plus, to add to my embarrassment, I'm convinced 90% of the people in the class are college gymnasts/cheerleaders and there was old me (I think I was the oldest there other than the coach who coached me when I was on team at NESA). Let's say I can't quite do the 100 pullups, 100 chin ups, 100 leg lifts we had to do for conditioning. I could barely do a pike jump or split jump on the beam, let alone roll back and stand up on one foot. I'm just glad no one was videotaping! It was a great conditioning workout though, and I felt great/terrible. I can't wait for next week -- I'm hoping to get my back tuck back! Yes, Chris -- I am tumbling like a crazy woman! I'll keep you posted on my progress.

This past week we also attended a play group with the Coastal New Hampshire Adoptive Families! What a beautiful bunch of kids! I'm looking forward to getting to know more of them the next few weeks and picking their brains on how to run a successful adoption group for when we make it out to SD.

Gotta run -- my time is up on the meter and I don't feel like paying the parking ticket. Stay tuned for photos from this weekends excitement -- and antique tractor show in town! I think my little boy might just lose his mind! And he turns two next week! (How is that possible?)


Home sweet home said...

Love the pics of Garrett pushing Elena --too cute !! October sounds great for a gettogether !!

Our Family of 5 said...

How cute are they! That little life jacket looks bigger then they are! Adorable! Good luck in that gymnastics class, they would have to call 911 for me..haha!

Mommavia said...

Garrett and Elena are too funny! Now don't get hurt tumbling, Beckie...I know you want Chris home, but breaking your leg is not the way to do it (trust me!)

Can't wait for you guys to get out here!

Anonymous said...

awww...those toys rock. Nathan loved his push toy when he started walking. He has one just like Elena except it's Winnie the Pooh. Now he loves it because it plays all the Pooh songs. I agree, best investment ever. We're itching to come home and see you guys. Soon....tell the Guatatots (SO funny on the moniker buy the Happy birthdays!
Love to all,
Meg, Ben and Nate

Anonymous said...

Only one more payday away!!!! Bec, the kids are sooo cute! Thanks for guaranteeing a smile on my face every time I check the blog. I love you, miss you and will see you soon!


The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey guys!

you need to come to Guatoberfest:)

can you believe JB has been home a year as of yeaterday???????????
time flys -

hey - we HAVE to get together - so throw me some dates:)