Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Boy is TWO!

Okay, so another week has passed and I've been negligent in keeping up with the postings -- and we had a busy week. However, all that will have to wait so that I can post about my amazing son -- he turned TWO yesterday! It was a very busy and exciting day in the Merrill/Atwood (my parents') household and I have the photos to prove it.

I am so overwhelmed at this point about how big and smart my son is (I know that we all feel that way, but still ...). Maybe this birthday has been more reflective and momentous for me since I have been able to spend the full 2nd year of his life with him. In the past twelve months I have only been away from my son for 1 week (when we traveled to GC to pick up Elena) and a few hours on a few scattered days. So different from the first year of his life when he lived wrapped in the love of another woman (Thank you Momma Olga! Our family is forever indebted to you and you are in our thoughts and prayers often.) for eight months, or the year before when he was carried beneath the heart by his first momma (Thank you where ever you are -- your gift of love continues to amaze us daily). Two years ago Chris and I knew that our baby was waiting for us in Guatemala, we just didn't know that he really was waiting for us. I've loved Garrett Daniel Jose from the first photo my adoption agency sent. Now I get the pleasure of watching him grow into an amazing young man.

Alright, thanks for indulging my sentimentality. Now for the photos, with some commentary of our day.

The day started with a bang -- an explosion of presents that is. I guess I went a little overboard with presents for this birthday, especially since Christmas and his first birthday were so low-key. However, he loved the books (especially the one about planes and the freight train book he got from Sissy), the Thomas paraphenalia from Grandma and Grandpa, and Harold the Helicopter and Travis the Tractor that Dada "sent." So many new things so little time!

What do you mean all these presents are for Garrett? Isn't there anything for me to open?
(She did get two books from Mom and Dada and a horsey flashlight from Yaya and Papa, but they weren't wrapped. Guess I'll think of that next time)

Ohhh, my very own choo-choo.

Playing with my new stuff in my "garage". Any table, chair, or doorway will do.

After breakfast and some serious toy playing we headed to the Zoo.


Much safer to watch Mom feed the ducks from up here.

Duck, I really like you. Just keep your distance.

Bubby, look! I can almost pat this one. I just need to stretch a little farther.

Hey, Camel! Tell my Dada to come home from the desert soon!

These goats tickle my fingers. They won't bite me, will they?

Papa's girl, checking out the baboons.

Elena was fascinated by De Brazza's monkeys -- and they thought she was pretty interesting too. They put on quite a show for her entertainment. Giggle, giggle.

Wow, look at Lemur in the cage! SO glad I left my lemur in the car so he didn't try to stay behind.
(Yes, I did warn Garrett that was a distinct possibility if he took his lemur, last year's trip to the zoo momento, into the zoo this year.)

Do they mean the deer or my son?

Mom, are you sure this is okay?

Hey, buddy. I have your food over here.

Elena wasn't too sure about these up close and personal encounters. She just liked to watch.

Look Mom! Deer have noses too!

Monkey see, my Monkey do.

Garrett fell asleep while we were still making our way through the zoo, but that didn't stop him for long.

Sissy's on riding the choo-choo train, and you let me sleep! What?!

I'll drive the engine, thank you very much!

Mom!!! Please stop taking my picture!

Look, Dada! I can drive a copter just like you!

Oh, fun! I get to drive a boat, too! What a great day! (Yes, Elena is crying but Bubbey had fun)

After the rides we headed home for a nap -- yeah, right, Mom. Like the kids were going to sleep after all that excitement.

Following our "nap" the kids had dinner. Yes, singing "Happy Birthday" to Garrett still makes the boy cry. This year he didn't even clap for himself.

After dinner we headed into Portsmouth for a birthday ice cream at Annabelle's. Garrett picked strawberry for his cup. Yum. Then it was time to sit back and watch the water go by. Not quite rocking chairs, but cute nevertheless.

Time for home and bed. What a grand day it was!

Of course, in true toddler fashion Garrett steadfastly refuses any of this happened yesterday, or that he had fun. So glad I have proof to prod his memories!


Kris and Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Garrett!!!!! Each birthday that comes and goes for my children is amazing to me. Alec is getting ready to turn five already. WOW. The pictures are adorable!!!! I have a HUGE Thomas fan in Alec...he loves Thomas. I am glad that you had a great time celebrating his special day! The time goes quickly...too quickly. But then again, we are blessed to have this time at all.
Many Hugs

Our Ohana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARRETT!!!! What a great day! And he got so many great toys. Toby's not a Thomas fan, he is in love with the Wiggles. Lord help me! Keep the pictures coming!


Home sweet home said...

Happy Birthday Garrett -- looks like you had a FUN day !!

Mommavia said...

Happy birthday, Garrett! You scored big in the presents...way to go!

Love that he is picking the deer's nose! What a boy!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kiddos! I am such a blessed dada. Now if I could just be HOME for these special days!! Babe, thanks for being such a great mom - you rock! Yaya and Papa, thanks for making sure my bride showed up in some of these pictures!

See you REAL soon!

Anonymous said...

COngrats garrett! I you are anything like Nathan I'm sure your mother is saying "it's a miracle the boy made it to two" I bet you are a little daredevil! Look at you feeding those animals. Crazy. Congrats and Nathan can't wait to play trains with you real soon.
Meg, Ben and Nathan
ps--I second chris's comment about Becca pics. GOod to see you girl!

Our Family of 5 said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Garrett!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday Garrett! It looks like you had a great time!

Dave Sanders