Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tales from the beach house -- Pig tail and football dreams

Well, we've been at the beach house for almost a week now. We really haven't done much yet -- haven't even gone to the beach. Been trying to stay pretty calm and create a normal routine for the kiddos after all our travels and the excitement of Dada coming home. Also, Elena is working on her bottom two molars and her four fangs, so she has been in a peach of a mood the last few days.

Yesterday we did go check out Surf City. I can't believe that we have lived in this area for seven years and this was only my second time, and Chris's first, to that town. We even found a cute local produce stand/grocery store that makes fresh food daily. Needless to say we'll be frequenting that establishment a lot this next month (is it really only a little over a month before we say "So long" to the east coast????).

So here are a few photos of our beachy living adventure thus far.
Elena was oddly quite while eating her snack the other afternoon. Here is where I found her, having a great conversation with her new best friend -- her reflection. Not that I have a vain child or anything, but the girl does know that she is pretty.

What, Mom? I'm just hanging out here.

Wow! Felix is sitting right here next to me!

Um, Felix, you could play with me a little.

My daughter has a new fascination with climbing under chairs and then whining for help to get out of her self-imposed caging.

Or she tries to fit into the cat carriers. She just can't understand why she doesn't fit.

Watching Cars with Dada (love the blissed out look on my hubby's face)

With everyone in BloggerLand putting their daughters' hair into pig tails, I thought I'd give Elena's another go this morning. This was the result.

Oh, Mom, you have the camera. Cheeessee!

Seriously, Mom. What have you done to my head? You know I don't like things in my hair.

Um, Mom, what are these knobs on Sissy's head?

Mooommmmm, Bubby is touching me.

Go Pats! You know we are going to win tonight and take the Super Bowl again.


Home sweet home said...

Love the pigtails and the picture of G and E watching CARS with daddy !!!

grausteinfamily said...

I love the piggys, Elizabeth asks for them now:) The mirror is a wonderful thing please give them hugs and kisses for me and it is wonderful to see all of you in one pic!!! I need an address to send a CD to you!