Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baseball season is SO not over!

So, after a heart-breaking loss to the Evil Empire on Friday night, the first in a three game series at Fenway, Momma decided to break out the big guns yesterday. I am a firm believer that in Baseball town or Football town it matters (remember the commercial from a couple of years ago?). So, the kids wore their Red Sox uniforms, and Mommy broke out her Big Papi jersey, too.
Sox won 10-1.

Beckett won his 19th game this season, the winning-ist pitcher in baseball.

The Evil Empire is again 5.5 games back.

The BoSox magic number is 9 (the combo of Sox wins and Yank losses for the Sox to clinch the division championship -- first time since 1995, if we pull it off).

See in Baseball Town, it really does matter.
Elena, perched, for best viewing vantage.
Best family shot of the day.
(At least I don't look like a fool trying to get the kids to smile)

Whatchu lookin' at?

Baseball and trains -- a little boy's delight.

Snuggling for a little love from Dada.


Anonymous said...

Chris and Becca,
I love being able to keep up with you guys and your adorable kiddos!

Chris, I'm so glad you're home.

Becca, You do an awesome job!

It looks like you and the Cipps will get to spend some time together starting next year, so I'm sure I'll see you when I come west.

All the best,
Maureen (Meg's mom)

Kim & Dave said...

Love the pics! So fun to see them getting bigger!

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach,
I know I said I'd try to get in touch with you guys over this thing, but I can honestly say my mom and I just officially got settled between the new house, her new job, and me starting high school here... I can see, Garrett and Elena are only getting cuter... and you too, of course! Haha. Well I miss you guys, and I still have the same cell number, so hopefully now we'll be able to keep in touch.

My e-mail is
I'd love to know how things are going with ya'll.

Love and miss you,