Monday, September 03, 2007

Tales from the Beach House -- Part Deux

Our week in photos:
Wow! I wake up and there is a kitty in my bed. Felix, you do love me!
Eyes on The Wiggles, hands on the cat.

Felix, you are seriously cool.

Entranced by The Wiggles

My little nudist in training -- she has discovered how to undress and it is fun. Thank goodness Garrett never went through this phase.

Running away from Mommy.

Garrett pretending to be asleep so he doesn't have to eat his lunch.

All my boys hanging out on the couch.

Spaghetti dinner -- serious business, serious mess.

What a difference nine months in age can make!

My little botanist

Garrett's new favorite game: Throw the ball up the ramp,

And run back down the ramp to "catch" it.

The little girl loves to hide under things now. Today was the coffee table. Hung out there for quite a while
Hey, Mom! Like my new seat?

Look at those waves!

Surf Baby #1

Surf baby #2

Warning: After several months of combat (and not allowed to suntan), the viewer needs sunglasses before witnessing the following scene.
What a handsome specimen of a man! Check out those abs!
Splish ...


Checking out the dunes

Patrolling the beach

View of the sun deck (yes, we have a sun deck)
View of the beach house from the sun deck

Watermelon snacking with Daddy

Look closely -- you can see the juice dripping from her elbow

Watching the water go by

It's a tough life, but if someone has to live it I'm glad that it is us.


Our Ohana said...

Soooo NOT fair!!! I love the pics. You all look like you're having great fun together as a family. And it's nice to know that other children also look like zombies when watching the Wiggles.LOL.

Keep having fun and keep the pictures coming!
Love, Tina, Greg, and Toby

Our Family of 5 said...

I am so envious! I wanna be on the beach! Love the pics! They get cuter each time I see their little sweet faces on the pics!

MiaJ said...

I ran across your blog-hope you don't mind. We also adopted from Guatemala. You kids are so cute. You said you are moving. Where are you moving? We live in WA, are we close?


Mia -- I love new visitors to our blog! We are moving to sunny San Diego area. So, more your neck of the woods than we are now, but still not so close.

Kelly said...

Oh wow the pictures are great and your kids are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to meet you guys in Atlanta! The beach looks HEAVENLY! :)

The McKenzie Crew said...

Love it - bring some of that sand and sun with you and get your butts to Fay:)


Kris and Mindy said...

HOW MUCH FUN! I am loving the car pictures...those are TOO funny:-) I also love all the pictures on the beach...beach pictures are always just so beautiful. I am glad you that are having a good time and is SO NEAT about Pres. Bush and visit!!! How cool is that!?
Many Hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Bec---the word is in.
Coronado it is, in Jan 08.
;) I'll drop you a line.

Kim & Dave said...

Hi! We met in Guatemala. I'm Kim Dillon. We had one birth DD & one we were in the process of bringing home. Do you remember us? I'm so glad we found your blog! Your kids are adorable, & it's fun to see your little girl home.

Here is ours:

We are going back again!

Kim & Dave said...

I just spent a little time looking through your blog & I have to say, I love it! So full of news & good pics!