Sunday, February 17, 2008

Slacker Mommy Provides Update from the Potty Front

We have not fallen off the face of the planet. I just have been trying to cut my addiction to the internet and to bloggerland. Plus, we've been busy with lots of doings in and around the house.

First of all, Garrett is almost all potty trained. He poops almost exclusively in the potty -- and is very proud of himself for it. We are just working on him telling us when it is potty time for peepee instead of us running him to the bathroom everyhour. Getting better, getting better. Elena, on the other hand, took a full month off from interest in the potty. Once Garrett started to go potty she was no longer interested in the process at all. At first I was bummed, but once I considered the logistics I was thankful that I only had 1 at a time to take to the potty. The past week or so Elena has taken an interest in all things potty again. With almost 100% accuracy when she says it's potty time she goes peepee right away. Of course, she's not so interested in us taking her to the potty at other times, so she's still wearing dipes though jealous of Garrett's big boy undies.

I started my masters in education at the end of January. I am completing the Curriculum and Instruction program through the University of Phoenix. I finished my first course with a lot of stress (I believe induced by a subpar professor) and an A. I'm finishing up the first week of the second course and I'm really liking it now. It's so great to have some type of adult activity during the kids nap and after bed, especially on days when the kiddos are in rare form (can it still be called "rare form" if it starts happening more and more???).

Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend Chris's parents came for a visit. We had a great time visiting with them, and the kids loved all over Grandpa and Grandma. We walked all over the San Diego Wild Animal Park on Saturday, played lots at the park up the street, cheered the Pats to victory in the AFC championship game, and overall just had a good time.

My folks came for a visit the first full week in February and left this past Wednesday. We had absolutely beautiful weather for their visit -- postcard weather that perfectly demonstrated why so many people love to live in southern California. We went to the Zoo, visited Old Town San Diego (birthplace of California), played at the park and in the yard, and had a wonderful visit. The kids loved having their grandparents around, even if they had the sniffles for most of the visit. The other great thing about the visit was that Chris and I got to go on a date for the second time in a month (the first being dinner alone together when his parents were here), this time to the Symphony for his birthday.

Also in the past week, Ben, Meghan (my best friend and sorority sister from college), and their son, Nathan, moved to San Diego. We've spent some time hanging out with them and reestablishing connections. It is so good to have them back close -- the last time we were anywhere close was over two years ago when they were in Charleston, 4 hours south of Jacksonville, and before that it was college! I guess that's military life.

Well, I think that catches us up on the details of what we have been up to. Now for the pictures of the babes:

Reading with Grandpa (Chris's Dad)

Hey, duck, whatcha doin? (Checking out the bird pond at the Wild Animal Park)

Playing at the Animal Park

Heelllooooo? Learning to use the "phones" at the Wild Animal Park

Love how Elena thought she had to put her whole face into the phone for it to work!

Grandma helping Lena put her shoe back on (big girl's wearing a 6 now!!!)

Elena giving the adults directions at SeaWorld

Enthralled by Shamu (or Shampoo, as Elena calls him)

The kids desperately wanted to play outside on Sunday afternoon. "Crocs on" is Garrett's phrase of choice lately. Of course, that day it was pouring rain outside. Did the kids care?

Reading potty books while being big kids

Checking out the koalas with Papa (my dad)

Passed out from the sheer excitement of it all

Posing with Papa on a canon at Old Town

Hmm, how can I get this thing to work?

Sissy, maybe together we can get it to work?

In el mercado at Old Town with YaYa and PaPa. I can't believe it happened, but my father even ate Mexican food during our visit! This from the man who likes no spice, no flavor in his food! What can we get him to try next time???

Check me out, Mom! I'm ready to drive! Got the keys???

Ohhhh, a light!

Walking back to the car after dinner the last night my folks were in town. We ate at Ruby's Diner on the Oceanside pier (thanks for the idea, Cynthia!), hopefully to overlook the Pacific while we ate. The marine layer moved in, so not much of a view, but we still had fun.

That's all for now folks! Hope this quells your fix for a while :)

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missed you guys!

glad things are going well - and very proud of YOU!
Go Girl:)

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