Monday, February 18, 2008

What spice are you?

Prompted by Kerry's post about her age, I had to check out Of course, I was horrified to discover that I act 2 years OLDER than my actual age -- need some of Kerry's immaturity to rub off on me.

However, I did try the What spice are you? quiz. Here are my results:

You Are Cumin

You are warm, unique, and pretty dominant.

It's also pretty likely that you smoke or like fire.

You are energetic and intense. You definitely stimulate people.


Barb said...

Haha. I'm basil.

I was going to bed, now I'm going to be sitting here playing with all these little quizzes.

Kerry said...

Ha! I'm Basil too! Apparently, I'm liked by most people, and I often smell good???? Okay!