Sunday, August 31, 2008

Human Race

Today Nike+ launched the first global running event. 25 onsite locations in 25 cities around the world. The rest of us were invited to "run where you are." Some companies, such as 24 hour fitness, Starbucks, and RoadRunner sports, hosted events in the local area. Chris, Meg, and I ran around my neighborhood. 6.65 miles according to my iPod Nano with Nike+ sport pack. I ran until the elephant on my chest made me stop. But I shaved 6 minutes off my 4 mile time from last week and we finished the whole shebang in 1'10". Not too shabby.

Now comes the training for the marathon. Another 10k in November (the first mile of which is straight up 500 feet!) and then the big day in January. I'm actually doing it folks! Anyone else out there up to joining me in my mission to get fit again and test my endurance????


Anonymous said...

I read your blog...that is a great time for a 6.65 mile run. Way to go! I am envious. I hope to join your fit campaign a couple months after Baby arrives.

Love your blog. Hope to see you in November? Trav hunts too, so maybe we can do a ladies/kids day while Daddies are away...:)

love, beth

Nan and Dan said...

Hope things are going well!! how is the training going?

Jack and Susan said...


I came across your blog through another adoption blog (we brought home our daughter from Guatemala a year ago) and had to post when I read about your running experience. I just started jogging two months ago and I'm running my first race (5K) next week. My 69 year old dad is running it with me but his time is much better than mine!

Best to you,

amy, todd & evan said...

I'm going through withdrawl. I keep checking the site hoping for some updates on how the whole family is doing and how much the kids are growing. Please give me a fix.