Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Did It!

Today I ran my first race. I haven't run seriously since I was in college when I was a cheerleader. Wow, do I feel old. However, I also feel very good. I finished the 4 mile course in 48:12, meaning I averaged a little over 12 min for each mile. I walked 25 minutes of that time also (kept waiting for the darn 2 mile marker to show up and it just wasn't there). Considering I ran a 5k course with the hubby a little over a week ago in slightly over 48 minutes I would say that I am getting better.

Getting better at running is a good thing because I have committed to run the Carlsbad Marathon on January 25. I have paid my registration fees and Chris has signed up to run with me. Yet what is even more important than running a marathon to know that I can do it is to run the race while raising money for very worthwhile causes. Many people sign up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training, and while that is a worthwhile cause, personally I have two other charities that are near and dear to my heart. So I have devoted myself to raising $5,000 for Global Orphan Team and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am committed to GOT because they are committed to helping the orphans in Guatemala and that is a cause I just can't say no to. I am committed to the Livestrong Foundation because I have known too many people that have fought cancer and the Livestrong Foundation is actively getting the word out to EVERYONE that something needs to be done about this disease (and I am donating money for the Livestrong Foundation in the names of my good friends Cynthia Vissers who is a daily testament to how to live strong with cancer and Anne Marie Gutshall who passed from colon cancer this winter).

What I need from all my friends and family is support over the next 5 months as I train my body to compete in an endurance sport (never done one of those before). But I also am asking for your financial support for these two causes. If everyone I know gives up 1 dinner out from one month (figuring a dinner out costs about $50) I can easily meet my goal and donate substantial amounts to these worthy causes. I will be flooding your mail boxes with letters of personal request, but I thought I should also forewarn everyone. Over the next 5 months I want nothing more than to meet or exceed my goal of $5,000 for Global Orphan Team and the Livestrong Foundation. Thank you for your help. I'll be sharing my journey with you (if not my aching muscles).


Kerry said...

You ROCK girl!

Kris and Mindy said...

Wow! That is totally awesome! You GO girl!!!!

Nan and Dan said...

Good luck!
you go girl!!