Sunday, December 06, 2009

Images from the coast

Saturday was our last day at the beach, plus we finally went out into the town to explore a little.

Another adoptive family showed up at the resort to spend a weekend with us, and the kids were so excited to be reunited with their foster brother. So excited in fact, that E and L decided to stay back at the resort and play in the pool and at the beach rather than head out with their mother to the slave castles.

Here are some photos from my morning/afternoon reprieve and of the local sights:

Fishing boats ashore (en route to Cape Coast from Elmina)

Fishing village -- wow. Road side "stores" with goods ranging from coconuts to tires and everything in between. Thatched roofs. Can't even comprehend.

Cape Coast Castle. Some form of trading fort/slave trade center since the 1400s. Also the first place the missionaries introduced formal education in Ghana. The school was directly atop the male slave dungeon. The best and worst of human endeavors. Listening to the tour guide literally made me sick to my stomach. If only all Americans could experience this to learn -- my former students take note: You would do well to visit here!

The center of a fishing community, right outside the castle walls. Amazing to watch them and see how beautiful the scenery is, yet cannot contrast that with the violence we as humans did to each other in this location.

Fishing nets and boats every where

Lots of signs/billboards across the land celebrating the visit of President Obama this past summer. The locals believe the world has real possibility with their current president and our president. Hopefully neither will let them down.

Elmina harbor. Wish I could post the sounds and smells from there too.

The streets in Elmina

A primary school just outside of Elmina

Finishing the day/evening with a swim in the resort pool. All of these children are so man starved. Stephen has been inundated with small people all visit. :)


The kids' foster brother, J. What a different little man at the resort than we saw at the foster home. AND he gets to go home to America on Tuesday!!!!

Brother/sister sweetness. What a perfect ending to a pretty perfect day and week at the coast!

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Kim & Dave said...

I LOVE the picture of brother helping sister into the pool!

I little realized how international adoption would open my eyes to the needs of people-world wide!

Continuing to pray!