Friday, December 04, 2009

Tooth brushing parties and fun around the resort

Not entirely sure how it got started (I think I was trying to convince C, our friend's 3 yo to brush his teeth), but the kids all love to have a tooth brushing party. Eddie and Lydia would brush their teeth 5x a day if I let them -- I have never met any children as excited as these two to brush their teeth. So we "brusha, brusha, bruuussshhhh" all day long and enjoy every minute of our clean pearly whites. :)

Some other photos from our time around Coconut Grove Beach Resort:

Dinner in the cabana (where our noise won't disturb other guests as much)

Eddie with Mommy's iPod -- take note Daddy: I think a certain 6yo needs his own MP3 player for his birthday!

A painted fishing canoe and the sea at dusk

Lunch on the patio of our rooms (and where we can "line" dry our laundry)

Beautiful horses ties outside our rooms -- so nice to wake up to this view


Kim & Dave said...

Love the pics, Beckie! It's great that you found something they love to do! Are their toothbrushed electric? Also, I was wondering how old all the kids are? I can't remember how old G & E are....

Praying you can complete things quickly!


Kim, the kids toothbrushes are good ol' manual. They don't care -- just love to brush their teeth.

Edward will be 6 the beginning of Jan, Lydia's 3 (March birthday), Elena is 3 (May birthday), and Garrett is 4 (August birthday). I have a feeling my hands are going to be VERY full for the next several years! :)