Saturday, June 06, 2009

My graduate!

Friday was a big day in the Merrill household -- our first child graduated (from preschool)! Here are some photos from the celebration with Garrett's class:

Garrett and his crony, Charlie (or Charlie Charley as G likes to call him). Thick as thieves are these two!

The whole class lined up to do a little performance of "We're going on a bear hunt"

Marching through the wheat field (love that sly grin of his!)

Climbing up the big tree

Looking with our camera

Creeping in the cave

Running all the way back home

Getting his certificate of achievement (he thought that he had to hold the certificate up over his face, so this was the best shot I got)

The proud graduates (Maya, Luke, Garrett, Avery, and Becca)

Thank you Miss Rosemary for a wonderful year! Garrett loves you!

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