Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big doings

Alright, so I have decided that it is finally time to post on here what has been happening in our family that has been keeping us very busy.

When Chris and I first decided to adopt again we started looking at photolistings of waiting children. Part of this was to see if our kids were already available for adoption and waiting for us, and part of it was some kind of torture that we adoptive mommies do to ourselves to bide the time until our kids do come home. Well, RainbowKids, one of the best photolisting sites available, sent an email last Saturday with a brother and sister waiting to be adopted in Ghana. These two beautiful children just stole Chris and my hearts! Unfortunately, because of the status of international adoptions today we cannot share any distinguishing information about the brother and sister until we pass court and they legally become our children.

That said, Chris and I started the process to complete our dossier for Ghana. It is so simple compared to other dossiers, like for Guatemala or Ethiopia, and I didn't think that either of those document collections were particularly difficult. Today I am headed to the San Diego USCIS office to drop off our application to bring home these children and hopefully I'll leave with our fingerprint appointment. Once our homestudy is completed in two weeks (just after we move into the new house) than I'll walk that in and hopefully we can go back 1 week later for our approval. If that is the case, Chris and I could be travelling as soon as September to pick up our new children!!!!

At this time, please pray that these kids remain healthy, for the caregivers in their orphanage, and that our house closes on time so that we can finalize our portion of the process. Thanks!


JuJu - said...


you HAVE to call me and talk about this - I want details - i am so stinkin excited for those children! How blessed are all six of you and how incredible to see the miracle of adoption working in your lives - I am so thankful for families like you that still care and give and are willing to step out in fatih and risk it all for the life of a child! If only more people were so selfless and open to love and life. You guys are in our prayers - all of you! if there is anything the Crew can do to support this new adventure - you have us! love and hugs to you and and congratulations on your new son and daugther!

The Totherows said...

My prayers are with all six if you! Congratulations!

Barb said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I've been lousy at keeping up with blogs lately. I'm so happy I decided to pop in tonight and catch up! Looking forward to great news in the near future!

Barb said...

I just noticed I'm a month late with this post...hoping all is moving along well!

Proverbs31Wife said...

Hi there! You posted on my blog about joining the military adoption support group. Can you send me the link? californiaangels9901@yahoo.com thanks for visiting my blog! I am still learning! I appreciate any input!