Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shhhh ...

The other morning I was working on my Uppercase Living order and realized the kids had been quiet for a while -- too quiet. So I walked through the house looking for them to see Garrett's door was closed.

Here is what greeted me when I opend the door -- Evidence #1

Hmm, this little grin is too sweet -- must be guilty of something -- and the evidence is all around him!

Little sister was too busy applying the evidence to her legs to notice Mommy had crept into the room:

"Mommy, I told you I needed bandaids for my booboos!"

"I had owies that needed bandaids. Don't you know that this look is the latest style in medical care????"

Really can't get mad at them for this. Of course, have to hit the store for more bandaids because they are either all over my children or all over the floor.

**Note: Elena later showed me her bare legs (i.e. missing all the previously applied bandaids) and proudly proclaimed "My booboos all better -- bandaids do work!" Yeah, gotta love 3 year olds!


Kim & Dave said...

Too funny!!!

mdcrownover said...

Wow Beckie, the kids are getting soo big. Love the updates. Hope ya'll are doing well.