Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Christening

This past weekend we had Garrett christened at St. Anne's. We were blessed to have many of our family here to celebrate with us. Chris's brother, Travis, and his youngest son, Matthew, flew in from Texas for the weekend, and his Grandma Lil flew in from Cheyenne. This is the first time any of them have been able to visit us in Jacksonville, and we were so glad to have them with us. Chris's cousin, Jodi, and her husband, Mark, also joined us. Diana Riford, Chris's second mom, drove over from Wilson to help us celebrate as well. Becky and Scott drove up and were on hand as Garrett's godparents. My folks flew down and stayed with us for several days. Finally, Cynthia, Ian and Jack rounded out party of well-wishers on Saturday and at church, and Stephanie, Emily, and Jeff came Sunday to celebrate over brunch.

Garrett looked very smart in his faux tux (pictures to follow). However, he developed a cold and ear infection over the weekend so he wasn't too happy. Father Doug said that he has been told that when babies cry and fuss during the baptism that means it really sticks. :) He definately was happier once he was splashed!

All in all it was a grand weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our families. The other positive about the busyness of the weekend was it gave us very little time to think about the wait until Elena can come home.

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Anonymous said...

congrats family...
hope all is well,so excited for you... and CHris...make sure to give us a call before you head out again. Looks like Ben is headed that direction in the next post..which we learned this gonna be Norfolk. So Bec...get ready for visitors!Love, Meg