Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beach, popsicles, and pool with our buddy Jack

Today was an eventful day for the Merrill kiddos. I think the photos will do a better job of explaining than anything I could say.

Hmmm, I'm not sure what I think of this beach, Mom. How long are we going to be here?

Ohhhh, a shell. That's cool.

Of course, while Elena sat back and took in the lay of the land, Garrett jumped right into playing -- with Jack's beach toys.

Jack was very excited to play in the hole his daddy dug for him. Elena just had to check out what he was up to and inspect his work. She wants to do everything that the big kids do.

Garrett later made his own inspection of the hole. I love how his tongue sticks out whenever he is deep in concentration working on anything. Too cute!

Yay! I'm sooooo big! I love the beach!

Even though he's not my own kiddo, I absolutely had to include this photo of Jack. He really got into enjoying a fruit juice popsicle on our front porch after dinner. Almost looks like a vampire with the juice dripping down his little chin! Cynthia -- this is definate 1st date material!

Tonight, Garrett enjoyed a new flavor of popsicle. No, not lime. The wood stick!

After the popsicle and stick were all gone, Garrett decided he couldn't let any of it go to waste. Here he is cleaning up the sidewalk, getting every last drop of his tasty treat.

Umm, Bubby, I'm not so sure that is sanitary. That's gross!

After enjoying our popsicles we threw the kids into the pool. There was a light breeze, but Garrett decided to really demonstrate his flair for the dramatic. Check out my funny kids -- Cynthia and I couldn't stop giggling!

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Mommavia said...

Seriously, you should start feeding your children...I mean they are eating off the sidewalk for cryin' out loud! Better lock up the animals...I think they are next!

Love the pix, especially the one of my vampire kiddo! I'll be saving that one for future use.

Chris, Beckie, Garrett, and Elena said...

Need to keep these photos on file so that Garrett can look at them this summer when he is missing his buddy Jack. Soon enough we'll be posting new adventures out in Cali!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Great Pics:)

Those are precious memories of days that go by toooo quickly -

I wish you guys were not moving - we have not really had a chance to hang out much - maybe we can fit a visit in soon:)