Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finally -- an updated post

Okay, so I know that I have been super negligent about posting on our blog. So, I've decided instead of trying to create posts for everything that has happened in the past three months since Elena came home, I'd just start "fresh". I promise that I'll be better in the future. At least you should have less emails in y'alls boxes and you can just check here if you want to learn what's up with our family.

So I'll start with some fresh photos from this week. The Bubby and Sissy are getting so big so fast. I'm doing much better about recording their growth now than I did when Garrett first came home, so I am improving in some ways.

Garrett discovers the joy that is ketchup --

after stealing food that another little boy left behind at the church picnic.

"Um, Bubby, that looks really good. Wanna share?"

First Popsicles:

I'm not sure I like these things --

Okay, maybe they're not so bad after all

Double-fisting -- popsicle style

Popsicle princess

"Brrrrr ... I'm soo cold" (yes, he did make the "brrrrrr" sound as he shivered)

"Brrrrrrr" -- Wait, Mom has the camera -- "Sheese!"
I have to say again, I am just so darn in love with both my kids. They are a true blessing in my life. Now to remember that in the heat of the moment when they are driving me crazy ...


The McKenzie Crew said...

Becky they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Your little man has grown up so much!! How far apart are Elena and Garrett?


Tom & Caryn Meverden said...

Glad to see you're back to blogging! I've been checking every so often since our visit at Christmas :)
We really enjoyed spending time with you guys in GC all those months ago and look forward to following your journey going forward.

How soon until the big move to CA??

All the best,
Caryn Meverden