Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some random photos for Dada

Here are some photos of the kids hanging out around the house and playing.

Elena loves to talk on the phone like Momma and Bubby -- of course, the phone is attached to the back of her head instead of the side, but it works for her and she looks so cute doing it.

I'm used to Bubby falling asleep in his food, but this little one conked out one night during dinner. I gave the kids their food, turned my back on the table for two minutes to clean the kitchen from cooking. By the time I looked back at the table Elena had inhaled half of her dinner and was sound asleep. Unfortunately it wasn't for the night.

So many books, so little time.

More days than not, Garrett finds a spot to sit and "reads" his books, complete with pointing at the pictures and babbling about the story. I'm so lucky to have a kid who loves books like his Momma, Dada, and YaYa at a young age. Now I just need to get him a library card!

Elena is so proud that she can stand on her own. She practices all the time and is getting better and better at it. I love this photo of her -- she looks like my little Miss Olympia.

I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera at this. Garrett has long used the underside of the coffee table as a play place, but this was the first time that he used it to rest. It was only 11 in the morning, and the little man looks like he's about to pass out watching his morning cartoons.

Garrett after an uplanned morning nap, complete with bed head and confused stare. 'Nuff said.

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