Thursday, May 24, 2007

California here we come

So, Chris has in his hand official orders to Camp Pendleton early this fall. We've had some time to adjust to this news but it still can make my head spin from time to time.

We first heard the possibility of the move back at the beginning of April. Chris had asked to be assigned to this particular unit last fall, but when we made the request we didn't realize that the unit also exists out on the west coast. So, Chris is getting the perfect job, just on the other side of the country. Our orders are for two years out there, and then Chris is to return to a squadron. Of course, that doesn't mean that we can come back here or that Chris will return to 269, his squadron, but I think that we do want to come back to this coast.

Our house is on the market -- our beautiful house that we just bought in November. I think that I am the saddest about leaving because we have to sell the house. It is the perfect floor plan for our family and we all have lots of space. We won't have that out in Cali. In fact, living on base our house will be even smaller than our old house that we moved out of because we needed more space. So, if you know anyone who needs a house in our area, let me know. Otherwise, please keep us in your prayers that the house will sell fast and for our asking price. The neighbors are laughing because this same situation happened to the last owners.

So, that is the big news on our front. It can never be an easy deployment -- started teaching the first time; stopped teaching, became a mom, started a second adoption, and put the house on the market last deployment; now, learning to be a mom of two and planning a cross-country move. At least I can say that life isn't boring while Chris is away!

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Mommavia said...

I think I hit my head...2 posts in 2 days? Where is Beckie and what have you done with her?! Ha ha!

Mi Cabana was excellent tonight!