Sunday, December 02, 2007

Go Navy! and Oh tree!


First and foremost, this post has to comment on yesterday -- Navy won their 6th game in a ROW against Army! Tradition has it that if either team won 5 in a row the country would go to war. My take on this new mark is that now war will end (yea! All our service members will get to come home to their families!!!).

Eleven years ago Chris took me to an Army-Navy game, his senior year and it was a horrible loss. This year we celebrated the tradition and pageantry at home with the kiddos (replete with their Navy football jerseys). The kids weren't so excited about the game, but they had fun playing and showing off for our neighbors, Jose and Amy. Garrett emptied almost all of his toys out onto the floor of the playroom and used the bins as, well, see for yourself:

Stuck! Stuck! Stuuuucckkkk! Was the cry of consternation when he fell into the bin and couldn't quite get himself out again.
Of course, monkey see, monkey do -- Elena had to follow suit. Too cute!

Ohhh tree!

(Retyping this because blogger just deleted the second half of my post -- ugghhh!)

Garrett and Elena's favorite Christmas cd is VeggieTales The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree. No other music will work in the car -- not other carols, Christmas tree, nor other kid's music -- and we have listened to this particular cd at least 300 times this season alone (if anything, I am underestimating). If I try to play some other music, Garrett immediately starts whining "Oh tree. Oh tree. Oh tree." over and over until I relent. "O! Christmas tree" is the first song that Larry sings on the cd and evidently my son is very fond of it.

Needless to say, the little boy was very excited about getting our own Christmas tree in our very own house. I know that I am little delinquent getting it set up this year, but we are only a week behind, so go with it. This morning the kiddos could not be moved from the tree. Garrett shouted "Oh tree!" over and over. It's good to remember the excitement of the season as seen through a child's eyes. Plus, they look ever so cute in coordinating jammies!

Beautiful girl loves to mug for the camera.

Fascinated -- and it isn't even decorated yet! Can't wait to string the lights and have the kiddos help me create popcorn garland!


The McKenzie Crew said...

I love your kids -
I am expecting you guys to get your butts back to the EC as soon as your oders allow -
enogh already on the WC!!!!
i want y'all back:)


Christina said...

Cute Christmas tree pictures.

Todd, Amy & Evan said...

Loves the pajamas! Evan has the exact same pairs - the green one & the purple one. How funny!