Monday, December 03, 2007

New Christmas traditions

This year Chris and I are actively working to revise holiday traditions that we each grew up with and add in new traditions with the kids. So today, courtesy of an idea planted by Mindy (Thanks by the way!), I started making Christmas cookies with the kids -- they're Christmas presents to the ones they love (Sorry to ruin the suprise). The first bunch were snickerdoodles, and I think that they were a hit. I measured out all the ingredients into separate bowls that the kids poured into the big mixing bowl. Based on the grins on their faces I think Garrett and Elena both thought they were pretty big stuff. Then Momma cracked out the big guns -- she let the kids lick the beaters and then taste some of the cookies. Pretty good day. We'll see how the next batch goes (need to grocery shop for supplies first).

Um, Sissy, you've got a little something on your face.
Reading one of our new favorite stories -- the reading of which is always followed by minutes of "Happy Birthday, Baby Jees!"

The true testiment to the fun of the day. These kids cracka me up!

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As for the rest of our Christmas traditions, old and new, I'll do a post tomorrow when my brain is fully functional, minus the throbbing headache. Oh, and we start gymnastics for BOTH kids tomorrow morning! Whoo hoo! Finally the Mommy-gymnasium and my furniture might get a well-needed break :)


Our Family of 5 said...

Your so brave..LOL...I don't think I am ready to do cookies with Miss Sophia yet..LOL..but I'll send her out to you and she can join the Merrill kiddos and help you =) They are adorable as always!!

Christina said...

LOL. Aiden has one of the rapping magnets too and dances around just like Elena. Would of loved to of seen a picture of the kitchen after making the cookies. Aiden and daddy are going to do a gingerbread house and I am debating on making them do it in the bath room...LOL.

The McKenzie Crew said...

I love it:)

You rock:)

Kris and Mindy said...

HURRAY!!!! I LOVE IT! You have to start some tradtitions of your own and this is FOR Sure one of ours. Cooking together has always been Alec and I's thing and he even has a special apron that he wears when we cook. LOL. He loves to make the Christmas Goodies and we always make HUGE tins of them for all the grandparents and such for Christmas. Alec adores doing it and is always SO PROUD to give's fun and love it...we made Rice Crispy Treats tonight after having a snowball fight in the backyard...LOTS of snow here!

Kim & Dave said...

Your kids always make me smile!!!

So cute!

By the way, I have linked your blog to mine....hope that's ok... :)

Katie said...

They are both darling and I love how tough Sissy is --- nothing phases her !!

Kelly said...

YUMMMM!!!!!! I'm sure it was a BIG HIT! The tongue picture of Miss Elena cannot be beat! How cute is that??