Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tree decorating and just plain silliness

So we finally got our tree up and decorated this past week. I usually like to get our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we got all our Christmas shopping done instead and then it rained, which makes it not so good to pick out a nice tree. Then there was just delay in actually getting the tree decorated. It's done now (actually done on Thursday night, I just haven't posted pics until now). The kids sort-of helped -- that was a new adventure for this mommy. I fully understand why my parents gave me my own miniature tree (3 feet) to decorate and re-decorate to my hearts content. Maybe I can convince Chris of a similar setup for our family for next year. Any how, here are some photos of our week and the crazy things that my children do on a regular basis. Anyone else foresee me getting a phone call from a teacher about my son, the class clown?

Wednesday we went to the zoo with Cynthia and Jack. Amazingly one of the pandas was awake and facing the audience. Of course, once I got my camera out she immediately hid behind her lunch, but this is still the best photo I've ever gotten of one of these beautiful creatures. Elena was pretty smitten with her, too.
More cookie making fun. This time they're licking the beaters for our Grinch Eggnog Cookies. Yummy.

Getting the lights on the tree Thursday night. My son, the light lover, was out of his mind with joy. "The lights. The LIGHTS!!!" Over and over and over again.

Garrett and Daddy surveying Garrett's work of putting the star on the tree.

The t-shirt says it all.

Checking out the ornaments on the tree. "Mommy. Daddy. Egg." That's right, Garrett. That's the ornament from the Mideast that Daddy sent Mommy when he was deployed the first time - over Christmas. So glad he's home with us this year!
Dancing to the tune on his favorite ornament. Watch the video. It explains it all and it's good for a laugh.

Check out those muscles on my little girl! At gymnastics on Tuesday she did THREE pull-ups on her own, both when Mommy was holding her waist in case she fell and when the coach was spotting. So glad she's signed up for those classes too!

Not enough sleep in the night for either of my boys. What is in the air right now that so many babies are not sleeping soundly through the night? Is it the excitement of the holiday season? Seriously, if any of you have an idea, please clue me in. Chris and I could both use the help.


Kris and Mindy said...

Oh I love all the pictures!!!! Looks like you guys are doing well and really falling into some new traditions:-) Love the "batter" pictures...that is ALWAYS Alec's favorite part:-)

Tam said...

Great pics! Your kids, as always, are gorgeous!