Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can it be???

What is that the children are so fascinated by?

Look at the smiles as they stare in amazement

Yes!!! It is a Ghanaian passport!
Eddie has to look at it up close to believe he really has it!

One passport down. One to go. Could Lydia's be issued on Monday??? We pray so!
Dear new Director -- please hear our plea. Issue Lydia Annan's passport so our family may be united in America! Thank you. Amen.


Kim & Dave said...


Growingtogether said...

Yay!!! Those faces are so precioucs!

Padilla Fam said...

LOL at your captions, so funny. can totally relate!!!

Kristin Jag said...

Thanks for posting your blog on the adoptghana site; I have had fun reading it a bit today and learning more about your trip. Wow, it has been hard I am sure, but you are definitley going to miss it after all that you have experienced there. I am SO happy for you that you have one passport. I remember when we took that picture too-we were so relieved to have it! We will keep you in our thoughts for the next one to come speedy. P.S. Say hi to Uncle P. We were his last family with the other agency and we overlapped with the first couple from yours.