Tuesday, January 19, 2010

School and random hotel fun

Trying to prepare Eddie for kindergarten. He loves doing school work and is so proud of his workbooks. I just had to take a picture of him practicing his letters. We also do some simple math and read every day. This kid is bursting at the seams to start school (and his little sister can't wait to follow in his shoes)!

Honey loved his Lydia and Eddie, but he especially loved Lydia's clothes. Could this kid be any cuter wearing a tutu??? Of course, this is total blackmail material for when his high school graduation.

Honey copied everything that Eddie did the last two weeks he was here. Of course, there was plenty that Eddie copied from Honey -- like wearing Lydia's tutu. Needless to say, Hannah and I were close to tears from laughter this night.

Movie watching in the hotel room.

Momma trying to wear Lydia. Lydia loved it. Eddie was extremely jealous. All I could do was tell him that I wished I had him when he was small enough to wear. Rough night

Family snuggles. These kids love each other!

Brother-sister piggy backs. Lydia carried Eddie for a while too, but I didn't get the camera out in time to capture that cuteness. Gosh, do I love these smiles!


Padilla Fam said...

omg, i'm laughing at the pic of tutu man... our jonathan LOVES to dress up as a girl at every chance, make=up too!! oh, slide shows at weddings are gonna be fun ;-)

Growingtogether said...

Soooo adorable! These are great photos and the boys are so cute! woo hoo the joys of Motherhood!