Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day Trip to Aburi Botanical Gardens

Sunday, Dec 13th

Uncle P took us to Aburi Botanical Gardens for a day trip. Something to do to get out of the city and break the monotony of our routine. Definitely was more fun for the grown-ups than the kids, but at least there was grass for them to run around on for a bit.

The drive -- and you thought traffic in LA, NY, DC, Boston was bad. Seriously don't think "rules of the road" here. For example, cars have the right of way over pedestrians, and I mean literally OVER pedestrians. Then there is the always fun driving in between lanes to scoot up 3 car lengths and the constant blaring of horns. Will post video when I get home so you can get a better understanding of the insanity that is driving around here.

Street peddlers -- these people literally walk around all day with large loads of water, plantain chips, bofrut, bananas, etc. and approach cars idling in traffic to make sales for a few peswas (less than 5 pennies for a lot of it). Their balance, physical strength, and determination to come back out day after day never fails to impress me.

Once outside of Accra I got to see actual hills. The land is so beautiful here.

Eddie's less than impressed face when he realized I was going to make him walk around the park.

Lydia felt the same

The majesty of the trees at this park -- INCREDIBLE. I was half a football field from Hannah and Stephen when I took this pic.

HC laughing while getting some Eddie time

The saddest face I think I have ever seen.
I think she thought if she looked pathetic enough I would pick her up and carry her around with me. It almost worked. Instead, I took her picture.

Uncle P introducing the Sneddens to the less than pleasant odor of the local ants.

Looking up at the giant tree

Large ants (by American standards), larger befoulers of the air


Cooper was a little concerned about his Dad letting the insect crawl on him

Mmmm... cocoa tree

Sometimes it is really hard not to squish this kid up!

Taking a stroll

Crazy girl became much easier to handle after a chocolate protein bar. Girl after my own heart


Uncle P

Crazy child o' mine

Family moment

Two things: yes, this is the recording studio that Bob Marley used in Africa, and it is still run by his mom. Second -- check out the actual monkey hanging out above the sign!

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Kim & Dave said...

Hey-did you figure out a way to charge your computer? I hope & pray you can go home soon enough you don't need it, but if your stay is much longer, please save enough to let us know when you have good news! :)

Loved your pics today!