Friday, November 27, 2009

I-600 Approval and PICS!

First, I have to say that the internet is working much better today than yesterday when we got a new converter for our power plug (Chris blew our first converter the first night and I ran on battery juice until I was out on Tuesday just after I posted). One of the first things we found when we checked email today is that our I-600 immigration paperwork was approved! This means that the US gov't has cleared Edward and Lydia as orphans that are eligible for visas to enter the United States. Now we wait for their Ghanaian passports (they are Ghanaian citizens until they have lived in the US for 6 months since we didn't meet them prior to the adoption decree by the Ghanaian government) and then apply for their visa to enter the US. If all continues to go as it has, Percy, our coordinator, thinks we might be able to pick up our visas in TWO WEEKS (one less than originally thought and planned!!!!). So, we are asking all our friends and extended family for continued prayers that paperwork progresses smoothly and in perfect time.

Now, what you have been waiting for: some pics of the kiddos. I just grabbed four from yesterday, a pretty perfect Ghanaian Thanksgiving. More to come later and soon.

Edward watching the short video of Elena and Garrett welcoming them to the family

Lydia thinks Garrett is hysterical already -- she has even started mimicking him "Hi Ed-dy."

My water girl

My handsome boy


Kim & Dave said...

Beckie & Chris-there are no words......just brought smiles to Dave & I. Soooo happy for you guys!

Amanda Carlson said...

Your children are beautiful, Beckie! Congratulations on the new additions!

Growingtogether said...

The smiles on their faces - says so much. I want to eat them up!
You have a beautiful new son and daughter!! Congratualtions!!
with love,