Monday, November 23, 2009


We are here and life is GOOD!

We landed yesterday morning and after a brief stop at the hotel we headed to the foster home to see the kids. Oh my goodness, were they all sooooo beautiful. One little one walked straight into Chris's arms and just wanted to stay. Thankfully J does have a family going through the process to bring him home, or Chris and I might have been finding a way to bring home another :)

E and L are doing very well. We have had some periods of sadness -- but both Chris and I think that it is good they are mourning in front of us. Of course, those periods of sadness are often over come by laughter -- especially E's laughter. And most of his sadness is a result of not being able to communicate with us. For example, at lunch today big tears started rolling down his face. After I found a staff member who could help me translate, it was simply that he wanted some water in addition to his pineapple juice and didn't know how to ask. Mommy is slowly starting to catch on to their cues. I have even been treated to L giggles and smiles, and she shared her straw with me at lunch. I have pictures to upload, but the computer is running out of battery and we fried the converter last night so they will have to wait.

Immigration went well today. Our coordinator in Accra, Percy, says that we "should not lose hope" that we will be home by Christmas. I am confident that immigration will go smoothly, the kids Ghanaian passports will be issued shortly, and the visa appointment will be icing on the cake. Any prayers to that end will be greatly appreciated, as are prayers for the children in this beautiful country who are hurt, sad, or hungry this holiday season. There is so much that we can do here, Chris and I are planning already!

Much love!


Ellen said...

How exciting! I love that we are able to follow your journey thru the blog. :) Sounds like things are going well. We miss you here in the 'hood and cant wait to see your two newest additions BEFORE Christmas. :)

(And a big thank you for the Harley picture - you are too sweet Beckie.)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pics!!! (please hurry--some of us are on pins and needles over here!!;) Of course, important things first, but needless to say we are all thinking of you. Nathan apparently is convinced you are bringing him a little sister too. I'm trying to to let him down easy. I am so glad you made it safely and kisses to the new Merrills.
The Cipp's

eralon said...

I am also eagerly awaiting the photos. I am so happy for you guys.

Kim & Dave said...

Beckie-your post brought tears to my eyes!!! I think it's because I KNOW you guys & because we met on a PU trip & when you guys were visiting E. Emotions running high when I think about two more being added! So happy for you guys & for those two precious kiddos!

Praying all goes smoothly & quickly!! Can't wait for pica!