Friday, November 27, 2009

More pics

While the internet is still working well, here are a few more photos from our week in Ghana thus far.


Lydia eating some candy we brought as a treat to the foster home. Notice, she also is clutching two rocket balloons and a plastic slinky. These kids don't understand what it means to have something that is "theirs" and theirs alone. At first she just didn't trust anything about us, let alone that we would provide for her.

Edward's face is priceless -- I have just given him is first pair of closed-toe shoes and socks. Size 9 on a 5 year old boy. Too small, but the kid doesn't care -- he is going to wear them, and wear them with PRIDE. I just want to eat him up!

Can you imagine what America could be like if more of our children were this excited, truly excited over a pair of shoes???


While Chris went to the USCIS appointment without me (more on that later), I stayed at the hotel with the kids and played in the courtyard. Edward grabbed my sunglasses and thought he was a funny man. Personally, I think he looks pretty handsome. What do you think?

This play time was after lunch and a rest, and Lydia opened up to me for the first time, laughing and yelling at the TV (football was on -- think she's gonna be like her Momma!). Once we got outside she thought the courtyard wall was a good place to check out the flowers and watch her brother and I kick around the ball.

Edward showing me some of his football moves/skills. I think Mommy can learn a lot just from watching his natural interaction with the ball. Those older boys at the foster home were AMAZING with the soccer ball!


This is Lydia when she is upset about something. Chris says she starts to "turtle". She really does start to withdraw into herself when upset. What upsets her can be that food is not provided fast enough to fill her hungry stomach, waiting for water (or not knowing how to ask for it), Edward playing with her toy, Mommy playing with Edward, Daddy trying to play with her (though that is getting better and better), to not wanting to do what it is we are doing. Thankfully I am learning some of the language, and she is starting to learn ours, plus I am learning her cues, so the withdrawal periods are getting less and less. However, the crying is getting more and more, as both she and Edward are learning that if they cry someone will care for their needs. When we first picked them up on Sunday there were silent teardrops the size of Niagra Falls running down their faces. Now we have sobs. I'll take the sobs for now.

Edward playing football with Daddy in the hotel courtyard. This boy adores his Daddy. He mimicks Chris in word and deed, learning more and more English every day. He is starting to teach Chris and I some of his language, but mostly laughs when we repeat him -- he even told one of the staff this morning (Friday) that Chris "doesn't know how to speak" when asked why he was laughing. Sounds like he'll get along with our nephew, Andrew, who told Chris years ago "You speak funny Russian" :)


More pictures from the pool. The other family with us here at the hotel is from the LA area and I am so glad to have them on this voyage with us. Their 3 year old son C is one of the coolest kids around. Tonight we realized that C has taught Edward and Lydia the Umpa Lumpa song from Willy Wonka as they sat at the dinner table repeating the refrain over and over and over again :) Plus, Lydia loves the S family's son HC who was in the same foster family. Having friends nearby to share these memories and forever family celebrations is priceless -- as my Guatemalan blog and FB friends can attest!

Edward and Chris in the hotel pool. One look at that little boy's face and there is no doubt how he feels about his Daddy (he's still trying to figure me out).


Barb said...

Beckie...Oh my goodness! I have been so far behind lately. I just discovered that you are with your beautiful children. Congratulations! I am so happy for your family! Lots of thoughts and prayers are with you for a smooth stay and safe travels home.

Kim & Dave said...

I wholeheartedly agree-there is nothing like the friends you make when you are picking up your kiddos-other adopting families! WHat precious memories!

Loved all the pics!

emma said...

wow, bec, I am just amazed by your (and Chris') journey - not just the physical movement to different continents as you build your family, but your life journey. You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing so much of this with us. Fingers crossed for everything to continue smoothly & for the kids to continue bonding & embracing their forever family.

eralon said...

They are so beautiful- and so is your story.

Growingtogether said...

Your new children are so beautiful! I am so excited for you guys! I have been praying and will continue that everything goes smoothly and the bond for your family grows. I have to admit I have been crying reading your blog. It is truly a beautiful thing- thank you for sharing your daily life. May you and your family be protected and blessed.

JuJu - said...

Do you have any diea how happy this makes my heart?? I LOVE yoru sotry - hope is in the air:)