Friday, November 20, 2009

Packing List and Final Details

So you might be wondering just what I might need to pack for a month plus in Ghana. Well, thanks to some wonderful friends that I have yet to meet in person that have traveled this road before our family, I was able to draft a packing list. Hopefully my version of the packing list will help other families who are preparing to adopt from Africa, if not Ghana specifically.

Packing List for Ghana:

Medication/Hygiene Needs for Adults

First Aid Kit (Betadine or similar, band-aids, moleskin for blisters, small scissors, tape, gauze, gloves, Benadryl, alcohol wipes, tweezers)

Surface Disinfectant (wipes) (travel size Lysol or Clorox wipes)

Medications: Prescriptions, Hydocortisone, Lotrimin, Clotrimazole

Cipro & Immodium, Pepto, Anti-Malaria, decongestant, Tums

Pain relievers: Tylenol, Motrin, aspirin

Electrolyte powder (crystal light, lipton iced tea packets, or Kelloggs Fiber water packets)

Mosquito repellant w/DEET (75% or higher)

mosquito net for sleeping


Hand sanitizer (pocket size and larger size)

Airborne, Vitamin C

Qtips, cotton balls

Feminine products

toilet paper

Heat pads/biofreeze (for sore muscles)

Travel Needs

Travel Kleenex

Travel Alarm clock

Small Flashlight (w/o batteries?)

Sink stopper, stain stick, laundry soap, clothes line

Small bottle of dish soap

Money Belt

Passport holder (neck – for airport only)

Ziploc bags (airport and other asst’d sizes)


Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Small Travel Pillows

Converter, plug adapter (w/ 220 wattage option)

Swiss army knife

hand held electric fan

Extra duffle or two (for gifts on return trip)

steel water bottles

sterilizing pen for water bottles or sterilizing bottle

books to read



Instant Oatmeal, trail mix, protein bars. granola bars, ramen noodles, tuna packs, crackers, PB, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, MREs

favorite teas

bowls, spoons

Documents & Office Supplies

Passports (and copies x2)

Copy of Dossier (x3)

(X3 copies of all documents is recommended)

Referral information

driver's licenses

copy of insurance information

emergency contact numbers

Vaccination records (our travel vaccination record)

Journal, black pens in baggies. Pencils, calculator, paper

clips, mini-stapler & staples

Photos of family to share


digital camera, camcorder (extra battery, memory cards)

iPod -- chargers, connectors

blank cds to burn pics

Gifts, hand-outs, gift bags/tissue paper (kids: pencils, pencil sharpeners, crayons, erasers, wrapped candy, stickers, post cards. in-country coordinator: foster mother: orphanage director: orphanage caregivers: card w/ note and $20 each Guest house employees: )

Adult Clothes


4 pairs lightweight pants/capris

3 skirts

8-10 shirts/blouses

1 sweater, black long sleeve top (for travel)

clothes for hotel lounging

bathing suit


Shoes (clogs, flip flops, mules), Socks, Footies


Packable hat


rain coat

slippers for in guest house


3-4 prs lightweight pants 3-4 shirts

1 dress shirt

1 pr shorts (for hotel)

5-6 shirts

Bathing suit

Sleep shirt

1 sweater/sweatshirt

Shoes (tennis shoes, tevas)




Travel outfit

rain coat

slippers for in guest house




Shave Lotion/razor

Cosmetics & face wash/lotion

Body Lotion


Tooth paste, brush

Bobby pins

Lip balm

wash cloths

travel hairdryer w/ dual wattage

Kiddo Clothes


4-5 comfy outfits

1-2 dressy outfits



2 warm outfits for trip home


bathing suit



4-5 comfy outfits

1-2 dressy outfits



2 warm outfits for trip home


bathing suit


Kiddo Medication/Hygiene Needs


Gas drops

Children’s Tylenol, Motrin


Ear ache drops (anesthetic)

1% Hydrocortizone

Children’s repellent with DEET (up to 50%)


Kiddo Needs

2 yd cloth

Plastic bags for trash (hotel and airplane)

bowl, spoon

Few toys

Kiddo Toiletries

kiddo Wash and shampoo

baby wipes

Today has been spent getting the final preparations ready for travel. I have found the last items from the packing list that I still needed and am making the third copy of my paperwork. Tonight I need to prepare our presents for our coordinator and foster family. The big gift for both is a framed print of Oceanside Pier that I have taken in the past month. Hopefully they will enjoy it, and we are also giving the foster family a jar of shells and our coordinator an Obama t-shirt (he's a BIG fan). Part of me thinks that I am still forgetting something important, but I have time still to check and triple-check our lists again. Oh, plus I need to prep the photo albums for Eddie and Lydia so they can start learning the faces that already love them. Gonna be a fun, short night before we hit the highway at 3 AM to catch our flight!

Next time I post I'll be overseas!!!! Please leave any comments you want me to actually read and respond to on here directly. Otherwise, I'll be able to read all the FB comments when I return next month. God bless, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, Becky! You are SO brave! I have been a terrible friend with keeping up and then to open the email tonite. WOW! You are probably still in route to Africa right now and I pray that all goes well with the flight and getting those babies home. It is hard to imagine that Garrett is old enough to graduate preschool when it's been so long since we've seen him, or Elena. They are beautiful and I can't wait to see pictures of the new babes! We will add you to all the prayer lists here until your safe return.

Kim & Dave said...

Yes......we are praying all goes smoothly & quickly, Beckie! Can't wait to see the pics!

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