Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warm ups and cool downs

Today has been another great day. We visited the market in town that specializes in African goods made by Africans. So many amazing handy crafts -- it was sensory overload for Mommy. We walked away with a couple of drums (big and small), a couple of flutes, some kish-kash, a mask, some beads, and new waist beads for L when she is bigger.

The sites here are searing. I can't get out of my mind the state of some of the houses here, and then to compare that to the demeanor of the people who are so thankful for all the good they have in their lives. We as consumers in America could learn a lot. I have a feeling after a month here I will be a changed woman.

L is having a hard time. She is growing more attached to me, but she does not want anything at all to do with Chris. This has been very hard for him, for his little girl to press against the wall to get away from him is not something he is used to with any child, let alone his. Yet, when L and I are alone together for any space of time, she starts to smile and giggle and is quite comfortable snuggling into me. Please pray that we find a good balance for helping her to adjust to us while she still misses her first family (that she has finally admitted to me).

E on the other hand is really coming alive in front of us. He is a smile from ear to ear. It makes me smile just remembering all of his -- kind of like our other little boy who has an infectious laugh and smile. As I type right now, E is drumming a wonderful beat on the drum. Amazing. Chris says that he is talking and using English words with him when they are alone. Such a different experience the boy with the Daddy and the girl with the Mommy.

We have also been blessed to have developed strong bonds with another family who is here to adopt a little precious boy, H. Hannah and Steven are like long lost family and I am amazed (have I used that word enough in this post?) at all we share outside of adoption as well. We are very fortunate to have good friends here at the hotel for the next month while we complete our adoption, and then to have them just north of us in Hollywood. I think it will be good for the kiddos that they have a community in the area of children who have been adopted from Ghana to play with on occasion.

Well, I think we need to go play some in the courtyard before getting some more dinner (have I written yet about the incredible food here at the hotel?? More on that later). Please pray for deepening bonds of attachment and for the children as they mourn their first family and the life they are losing here in Ghana. Also, please pray for Chris's mom as she watches over Garrett and Elena while we are here -- there are times we miss those two it hurts, but we know that it is better to be forming these first bonds without competition. Much love to all!

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Kim & Dave said...

Thanks for the update!!! Praying for Chris & L!!