Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6.8 Earthquake off the coast of Guatemala

There was a 6.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Guatemala (about 70 miles from Guatemala City) this afternoon. n addition to the earthquake there have been torrential rains in the region which have lead to landslides. Thankfully, so far, there have been no reports of casualties.

From the location of the flashing dot on the TV it looks like it wasn't that far from Santa Lucia Cotz where Garrett was born. Antigua is also close, and that is where Elena was born. I'm praying that my children's' birth and foster families are safe. What an odd sensation for me -- to know that there is this extended part of our family out in the world that we don't have communication with, yet to think about them and pray for them on such a regular basis. I honestly don't know what I would tell either of my children if I were to hear that something had happened to a member of this extended family. Then my brain switches to the reality that we most likely would never hear if something had happened and that just saddens me more than I can say. How do you tell your child that?

I'll be watching the news the next few days and reading posts from families who are fostering down in GC now to hear more. I'll be praying for all the birth families, foster families, and children who are waiting to come home to their forever families. God keep them all safe under your watch.


Our Family of 5 said...

Garrett and Elena are just beautiful! I Hope we can chat again soon. I need to find more free time Ü

Anonymous said...

Beckie, What an awesome job you are doing keeping up with the blog page and sending the precious videos. I'm sure Dada cried and laughed, enjoying every minute.
We are Soooo looking forward to holding and hugging those babes soon. Garrett has truly turned into a handsome toddler. He is looking like such a boy, instead of an infant. Elena is blossoming under your good care, and is about the prettiest baby girl we have ever laid eyes on.
We are jealous of your mom and dad getting the summer with them, but so grateful for a place for you to enjoy them immensely with family.
Thanks for keeping up on the blog, whenever you can. It helps those of us who can not get away.
Blessings and we pray for you daily. Christopher and all the family abroad as well.
Love, Mom and Dad Merrill