Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sibling Revelry

I have tried time and time again to catch Garrett and Elena in the act of brotherly and sisterly love. Usually I find them loving on each other, but with the camera on the other side of the room and by the time I have the camera they are running away from each other. However, over the past week I have been able to capture a few sweet moments. I'll keep working to catch them in the act.

Garrett often tackles his sister as a sign of his affection.

No, Sissy, it's my turn playing in the car. Go find your own toy.

Right before this, I came into the room to find the two kids lying on the floor with their legs entangled, watching Cars. Of course, the minute I grabbed the camera the moment was gone. This is just post-hug from Garrett to Elena. Darn that capture delay :(

Elena has discovered how to give zerberts and she thinks its quite funny.

Ohh, the fun that is Play-Doh.

My kids have 'tude. Have to admit that face of Elena's makes me crack up every time!

Now I just need to get a photo of the two of them where they are both actually looking at the camera.


Home sweet home said...

Cute pics !! Good luck on getting them to both look at the same time -- its HARD !! :)

Mommavia said...

Garrett and his tackles...too funny! Got your message today, was caught up in family "stuff" when you called, uhg. Trying to unwind right now...could take a while! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss my kiddos even more! They're growing up so fast! Bubby doesn't look like a baby any more but a little boy! Sissy looks like she'll be every bit as ornery as she is cute - and I LIKE that thought! :) Thanks for posting these honey - Miss you!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Gorgeous kiddos!!!!!! wow - I come back and there are THREE new posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you go girly:)