Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day


The kids and I put together this video for you. It was the best gift we could think of since you are on the other side of the world for the second Father's Day in a row. Bring yourself on home soon!

Nosotros le adoramos!


Meghan said...

I love the video!!!
Chris you are one lucky pappa. So get your butt home as soon as possible to those three cuties.(Also one of my favorite songs by the way) Good job Bec.

Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bears for my Father's Day present!


Thank you SO MUCH for putting the video together. You are wonderful! I'm glad every day here is flying by as each passing one brings me closer to you.

The video didn't work :( (no thanks to firewalls) so I'll be looking forward to the DVD, but your taking the time (I know you've been working on it for days) makes me feel wonderful!


Anonymous said...

IT WORKED!!! I'm sitting in the internet cafe and trying not to have big ol' daddy tears running down my face. WOW! talk about a blessed man - blessed to have such a wonderful, amazing and loving wife, and blessed to have two of the most incredible, beautiful and astounding children. My prayers of thanks go up.

Becca, you amaze me! Thank you so much dear, what a GREAT Daddy's Day present.

Yours always, forever,

Our Family of 5 said...

My Goodness! The video is beautiful! It's amazing to me how you are keeping it together! I can't wait to read that the 4 of you are back together in one place.

The McKenzie Crew said...

Beautiful tribute to your guy:)

Kris and Mindy said...

What a beautiful, beautiful video...and his comments...priceless. I am in tears here! God bless you all!

Rebecca and Shannon said...

How sweet!! What a wonderful Father's Day gift.

Tom & Caryn Meverden said...

Loved the video. Those kids of yours are so freaking cute!! We are praying that Chris is back with you guys very very soon!

All the best,