Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodbye to another dear friend

Today I had to put our dog, Kuma, to sleep. She was diagnosed with diabetes for over two years and her health has been declining off an on ever since. She had cataracts that limited all but her peripheral vision, and even that was failing. She had arthritis that made it difficult for her to climb the stairs at night, and dangerous to come down the stairs without falling in the morning. Things finally came to a head with her this weekend. She stopped eating on Saturday and Sunday night she started peeing all over herself. She looked just so miserable. Not at all like the little ball of fluff that Chris and I first fell in love with seven years ago this August when we first came to town and set up house.

So, today the kids were in daycare and I took her to the vet. I stayed with her when the vet gave her the injection. To be truthful, I honestly thought that I was going to throw up. Thankfully I had time to compose myself before I had to pick the kids up. But tonight Luke looks so lost without his sister -- my heart is breaking for him, too.

This is the best photo I could find of my girl (the blond on the left). Since the kiddos have come home she had shifted off to the sidelines. The better to avoid being clambered over by tikes, I guess.

I pray that she is romping with the best of them in puppy heaven.


Meg said...

Awww Bec I'm sooo sorry. Losing dogs is not easy. I'm sure that there is a doggie heaven and that she is happy there. Another long trip probably wasn't in her fortune and she knew it was time to exit to make life less stressful for you. I'm very sorry. I'm at my parents house in Dallas and I'll give you a call tomorrow night maybe?

The McKenzie Crew said...

so sorry - that is a hard thing to go through -
we have two dogs - Maggie Mae (a miniature Shnauzer) that is 4 and Molly (hot dog:). Molly is 13 and hanging in here by a thread - blind - back problems - you name it - but I know the day is coming soon............................

thinking about you


Alleen said...

Your babies are toooo cute!!!! They look like they love each other a lot!

To answer your question, my princess is 15 months tomorrow.

I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to your dog. I know all too well how difficult it is to part with a furbaby.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that our little "puppy-bear" is gone; tougher because I didn't get to be there with you and say goodbye to her as she passed. Becca, your strength continually amazes me. You are such a wonderful wife and mama - HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?!!? I am so sorry you had to do this alone. My love, heart and prayers are always with you.

Thank you for being mine,

Rebecca and Shannon said...

I am so sorry.
I adore our dogs and try not to think about how old they are getting. You are in my thoughts.

The Carroll's said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been through it before and know how you feel. May you find comfort knowing that she is no longer suffering.

Tam said...

I'm so sorry. I know how painful it is...