Thursday, June 14, 2007

The most pathetic sound in the world

is the sound of my little girl moaning because she doesn't feel well. She just lays in my arms, or sits on the floor, with this pathetic look on her face, her fingers in her mouth, and cries without tears at a low volume. Breaks my heart to see and hear her so miserable. At least when Garrett doesn't feel well he is just listless and not as active. I think Daddy is going to have an even harder time hearing his little girl when she is like this.

The reason my little girl is so miserable is because she has a fever and maybe a staph infection in her diaper area. She woke up yesterday afternoon with a fever of 101.4 and it's been that high ever since (Tylenol helps but only for two hours). This morning when she woke up she had these white blisters on her female parts too, and not the normal diaper rash bumps. Garrett hasn't had the fever, but he's had the blisters since yesterday and this morning he was swollen, red, and whitish. Needless to say I called the doctor and got an appointment. I can't admit to being familiar with problems that boys might have, especially uncircumcised boysand just looking at him hurt me. Our pediatrician took two cultures on both kids and said I should hear back from him by Monday. To be on the safe side he gave them oral and topical antibiotics for a staph infection. I have no idea how they could have contracted a staph infection, and the doctor couldn't help me either, but he did say that it was strange that they both contracted it at the same time. I hate for my babies to be not feeling well and to be safe we've cancelled our Saturday adventure with Auntie Becky in Myrtle Beach. Double bummer.

The only way I could keep the kids happy this afternoon was to entertain them with their favorite movie, Cars. Crayons didn't work. Bubbles didn't work. Legos didn't work either. The only thing that stopped Garrett fussing and Elena moaning was the movie. Below are photos of the two of them entranced. To verify just how yucky Garrett was feeling, he even let me pose him near Elena for some photos of the two kids together. I'll take what I can get. Also, please note Garrett's new uniform -- his Cars tee and jeans (if he can't have Cars, he'll wear his tractor shirt or Thomas outfit). I guess he really is becoming a toddler now.

Like I said, they were absolutely entranced. I don't even think it registered with them that I was taking their picture. Not one goofy "Cheeeeessssseeee" face.

I also was playing around with my camera more and discovered the color accent mode. Not one to ever miss trying an artsy-fartsy photo chance, here's my first go. Not fantastic, but definately worth exploring more.


Mommavia said...

Since you use cloth diapers, that may be why they both have the infection at the same time and in the same area, just a thought. You might have to do some heavy duty sanitizing on the dipes too. Poor kiddos! Give 'em some popcicles, they cheer any one up!

The Carroll's said...

Awwww.. I hope the medicine starts working very quickly so they are feeling better and smiling again.

The McKenzie Crew said...

that is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have heard of that though- I did not know the name of it though - a friends daughter got it and gave it to her brother via towels and bath tub. It took them a long time to get rid of it - I think they were not careful enough with the cleanliness after they got it - they just kept passing it back and forth -

with two little ones - you will be working hard to get rid of it!!

I am so sorry - I know they must really hurt:(:(

Hang in there Momma:)



One thing the doctor did say was that they couldn't have gotten this from the bath. I had already thought of the diapers and am washing them all lotsof times with OxyClean while the kids are on their meds. Hopefully it'll clear up soon. I'd hate for them to have this while we're moving.


Kris and Mindy said...

OH NO!!! Poor things! I sure hope all is well soon as I am sure that is horrible to deal with...sick children make me so sad because you feel SO helpless!
Many Hugs

Tam said...

Your children are beautiful! I'm so sorry they're hurting right now, though.

Our Family of 5 said...

Oh my goodness, bless their little hearts! I hope they both get to feeling better soon. They are just beautiful!

Home sweet home said...

Poor babies but they are still beautiful !! Awesome pics -- LOVE the last one !!