Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh, Captain, My Major?

That's right -- Major Merrill.
Can I get a "Whooo hoooo?"
Chris is being promoted to Major as of July 1st. While he might say that he only needs to be able to fog a mirror (promotion requirement to 1st Lieutentant), wipe it off (promotion to Captain), and fog it again to be promoted to Major, it is a major milestone in his military career. This means that he can stay in long enough to retire (yeay!). Unfortunately, this is the first promotion in Chris's career that I won't be front row, center for, but I think it'll be special that he is being promoted by men he respects in the field.
I am very proud of my hubby, and I thought that I should share the news with everyone.

Congratulations, Major (soon enough) Merrill!!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris! What a wonderful milestone in your career. Your in mine and Greg's prays. Stay safe! Very happy for you!


Our Family of 5 said...

Awww, Fantastic News! Congrats!

Tam said...

Very cool. Congratulations!

Barb said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
A Woo Hoo from us to you!!

Tom & Caryn Meverden

Home sweet home said...

Congrats to the MAJOR !!!!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

You Go Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is awesome guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the entire family!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

kudos Chris! Well deserved.
And to my best girlfriend I once again say...he couldn't have done it without you!;) (i'm sure Chris seconds that) Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, SIR! Hopefully the docs took good care of you, and you are healing well after your lobotomy. Don't try and scrimp on the wetdown, since we all know the first month's pay increase was tax-free! Stay safe, and all THREE of us will see you soon!
--Scott and Becky

Mommavia said...

Congrats! We are proud of you over hear on the Left coast!

Mommavia said...

Oh heavens, I can't even spell...I meant over HERE!

John Jaeski said...

Congratulations, Sir...


Stay safe!

-Lori, John, and Ashley Jaeski

Anonymous said...

To all of you - THANKS!! Meg, you're absolutely right, I could not have done this without Beckie and her support. How 'bout raising two toddlers w/ a hubby deployed (again)?? What an awesome woman! Scott, you know I'm good for a party man, and both you and John, knock off the "sir" crap! With the lobotomy complete, now I have another excuse to cover my forgetfulness... So in case I forget later, Merry Christmas ;)

See you guys in a few weeks!!!!